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Garden and work shed update

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Hi, hope everything is well with you all. Just wanted to share with you a few photos of my garden plants and a few squirrels that visit my table several times per day. It brings me great well being feeding the squirrels and also going out into my garden working on clearing all the leaves and cutting plants back getting ready for winter, replanting new plants and landscaping in such a way to change tall plants to the rear and smaller plants now to the front spacing plants out to grow equally, dividing other established plants up making new plants and keeping myself busy. I bought a lovely tactile sensory grass that will grow big and bushy with beautiful plumes of seed heads blowing in the wind. I have now also completed my new shed, making a new workshop studio for all my crafts and projects, with all the power cutting and drilling tools which has taken me a couple of hard earned weeks to achieve, but finally got it all sorted and done now. Plenty of projects to come next year to keep me busy.

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Grass plant.


Squirrel on my bird table. They come several times per day and rely on my table now for food.


Miniture Foxglove varient


My bird/squirrel feeding statin with plenty of homemade feeders and perches

Bird table

Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos with us. Your garden looks and sounds wonderful.I love the photo of the cheeky squirrel on top of the bird table! I think I might be copying your feeder ideas😁It's good that you get so much pleasure from your garden and the wildlife. Plenty to look forward to next year 👍😁

Hi M yes what a lovely post so uplifting thanks for telling me about it I'll try contribute something 🤗xx


That's beautiful reminded me of a painting I did from.a gardenning book the leaves all opening I'll see if can find it thanks for sharing I'm glad there's cheerful posts here too very helpful for people 🤗

Found this instead lol

My pixiebob

Hello :-)

Beautiful garden and lovely Pictures :-)

I enjoy by garden to it took me several years to get it just like I wanted it to be and now we are moving and I have had to start taking it apart and it really does make me sad but I have to remember I can get joy again creating a new one :-) x

Hi I know what you mean I had to alter wreck my garden and try save some beloved shrubs some I couldn't in order to sell house to create a parking space but we will enjoy new garden creativity in our forever homes xx

Hello :-)I am dreading some of my favourites not surviving , and any time now they have to come up and be put in planters as I think our house will be ready January so they need coming out now to hopefully survive :-)

But yes it will give us something to focus on and hopefully enjoy in our new homes :-) x

For you a spiritual butterfly sorry I by passed it didn't see it fate made me find this a rose I found on the lake after my dad died must be for you


How Beautiful :-)

I just love beautiful flowers , they are about the only thing that can make me smile :-) x

Oh bless you I'll find my spiritual butterfly on flower for you I know what you mean my garden helped me stay in this house now winters here I need to go long story 🤗


My favourite colour as well :-)

My pixiebob

My pixie makes everyone smile

I think he is smiling to , looks well loved :-) x

Spoiled wrottern 🙀😺😺😺

It shows on his face :-D x

I've just posted about a light and swimming you may like it off to sleep now night night 🤗xx

Was meant to be this

This was the one

So unusual :-) x

We have scotch butterflies allover our gardens one sits on my shoulder night night 🤗

heres another pic

monarch butterfly

so pretty ! Here's a pic of a monarch butterfly in my yard. I grow milkweed which is the only plants there catterpillars eat so they lay there eggs on them & we get lots of monarchs. They are endangered species , so I do my small part to help them .

monarch butterfly

Good morning thanks for the pictures it's so unusual never get them the buddhlias attract the scotch ones and whites that all we get, weather so so today I'm.doing bit on the front garden it's concrete with shapes cut out the builder who once lived here did it I had chippings allover it and no taken them up to reveal shapes last one to get the bricks out and put chippings in the shapes I have one big planter on the middle, the soils very clay so can't grow anything here's some plants from my back there nearly finished now, hope you have a good day 🤗😺oh pixies in the bed yes in under cover I've got electric fire and I'm.roasting 😁🙀🙋oh the blue butterfly isn't real 😁


Thanks so much for taking time to share, the colours are like mine and a lovely selection. glad you get out and keep busy. Gardening gives you such wellbeing. well worth the effort. You create it and they will come. I have lots of projects on the not too distant future to look forward to. Bird boxes, squirrel box and a hedgehog feeder as I get them regularly. 😀

Oh that's so good yes been at one with nature is very therapeutic a lady got some bricks off me and was making little homes for creatures in them I'm exhausted been working hard on my front but I'll sleep tonight take care xx

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DeeBee60 in reply to DeepBlue65

It does look nice. Last Winter I made Bird boxes and Bee homes as Christmas presents. Folk seemed very pleased with them.


Where did you find the milkweed to plant?

I get seed from here :

Thanks! Do you know if it's true there are different kinds of milkweed -- and only one kind helps the Monarchs?

they like all kinds of milkweed at caterpiller stage & have other kinds of flowers for the butterflies to get nectar from. Also a small bowl or lid with rocks or marbles with a touch of water where they can drink with out drowning. They seem to like the water with rocks in sunny spots .

Lovely. Thank you.


Like my Mum liked to garden a bit, but in isolation, not really doing much, but double seizure in Jan. 2018, affected my equilibrium, and garden and shed suffered as well. Lucky have sister around the corner able to get rid of the worst of garden ####ds? , then February 2021, first AZ jab proved another hurdle, bad reactions including left arm [Popeye impersonations] did not help the bashed head either? New neighbours have painted my garden fence! Two new Japanese Maple trees brighten the garden! As my reactions to the vaccine lessened, able to assault my garden again, plus Hunter's suggestion of Turmeric which proved a popular intake for relieving the skull pressure! Then tonight, a real eyeopener, sorry no pictures, a tomato has appeared [23rd October🍅!] A good sign?

Our garden has been a lifesaver certainly over the last 18 months. We have always gardened but now since we have retired, we are able to give more time to the garden. Like you, I have been working on getting the garden ready for winter, cutting back and planting bulbs. We grow a selection of vegetables in raised beds and more tender ones in the greenhouse. When we moved here nine years ago there were tidy flowerbeds but a huge aviary. The aviary has been replaced with our beautiful cedar greenhouse and matching potting shed. We created several raised beds and revamped the flowerbeds. Your idea of a craft room is wonderful, wish we had room for one. Enjoy xx

It all sounds lovely and I can imagine a life saver like my little garden space, since covid lockdown that space has proven so valuable and a sanctuary for me to escape into. Now my days are always busy with jobs to do. I watch gardener's world with Monty Don and he inspires me to get out there, worth watching if you haven't before. Thank you for sharing. Enjoy your retirement.

Thanks have watched Monty for years, a real inspiration. Love the magazines as well.

Your garden is lovely. Love all your birdfeeders too & how you feed the squirrels too. Nature brings me so much peace. I feed the birds , squirrels , bunnies & have flowers for the butterflies. Here is a pic from last month of my sunflowers

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DeepBlue65 in reply to LunaSkye

I grew one of those a few years back, 20 feet tall and several heads. First time in my life I had ever done so. Thank you for sharing.

Mt Sunflower
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LunaSkye in reply to DeepBlue65

thanks for sharing all your beauties



You have beautiful flowers there and they are well cared for as well as your animal friends. It must be a comfort for you!

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DeepBlue65 in reply to Hope4me1

You also have a wonderfully kept lawn and plants, thank you for sharing and you are also very welcome x

Beautiful rose! We just had a heavy frost last night so it’s clean up time for me!

Beautiful new achillea this year!

that's a lovely spread of colour, thank you for sharing.

What Lovely Pics! I so like a Foxglove and I have those exact Grasses in my front Garden. They're taller than me! Unfortunately, due to a bout of Pneumonia, which has left me feeling Drained, earlier this year I've not been able to get in the Garden as much as I,d like. They bring great comfort I think. Just to be out n pottering is nice.

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DeepBlue65 in reply to DeeBee60

You very welcome, will keep gardening enthusiasts updated with projects and ideas you can all possibly get stuck into.

Riding my bike keeps me sane.

it makes no difference what makes you happy, enjoy whatever you do and smile and enjoy the fresh air, thank you for sharing.

Love the photos! Nice to see something positive on here!!

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DeepBlue65 in reply to bethelbee

You are more than welcome, thank you for your comments x

Thanks for sharing. All so beautiful

A small contribution from my side.


Thank you and well done

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