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Depression and anxiety

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Hi. I'm new here. I have been experiencing depression for about 30 years now and have had counseling, antidepressants and exercised. I am currently taking an antidepressant. I have had intermittent anxiety episodes for the last 10 years which I have kept somewhat under control with breathing techniques. I feel that Covid has exacerbated my depression and anxiety. Do others feel this way too?

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Oh yes absolutely. I don't think there is anyone who hasn't been affected by it. I know my depression has got worse due to being alone too much. I am just grateful that none of my friends have died from it. That's who I mainly feel for - the families of those who have died.

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Welcome and absolutely hun I was a nurse in a hospital for 20 year in April last year I caught Covid from work I went back to work and nursed patients with Covid it triggered this anxiety disorder I have I had it for over a year now it’s left me practically bedbound and housebound

Sending u some hugs

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Newday3426 in reply to xsor

So sorry to hear that. I am also a nurse, although retired. I sometimes have feelings of remorse that I am not in the field fighting the virus. I so much want to make a difference against this horrible situation, which then exacerbates my depression and triggers anxiety. Each day is a new battle.

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Kristen30 in reply to Newday3426

I feel exactly like you do. I a 4th grade teacher of 27 years and I am dreading going back this year. The pressure leads to this enormous block of anxiety and deep depression sitting on my chest. I have had this anxiety and depression for many years but COVID-19 has only increased these feelings. I am with a new therapist who is very good but how do you tell anyone that you're terrified to go back? I have three years until I can retire. Comments, encouragement, prayers, and suggestions are appreciated

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Pel3749 in reply to Newday3426

You made a big difference in your nursing field, you had helped so many people throughout your lifetime work. Do not feel guilty now,what would all your patients have done without you? I also suffer from anxiety and depression but I am doing much better. Stay close to family and friends,let them help you,they love you. Again thank you for all your great nursing skills and kindness to those that you healed.God bless you.

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Yes, without a doubt. You throw in the political and social divisions and thats like throwing gas on the fire. Im concerned here in the US that we are heading down the path of another civil war. The gulf from our divisions seem too great to overcome. Sad!

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I am back in counseling after a 5 year break, have upped my meds, and have had a summer full of anxiety and depression. I had a few triggering events, but I've come to realize that the whole COVID mess was harder on me than I thought. As an extrovert the isolation was hard, teaching online was awful, fear of making someone sick, etc. Hope all of us feel better soon

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Hope4me1 in reply to RemySue

I can relate. I have been experiencing some heavy duty anxiety that has been up and down for the past two weeks. It’s so hard when the level is high and seems like nothing helps. I’ll have a good day, too, but then I’m hit again. Very discouraging. Sad because I was feeling so good I didn’t have to take my Klonopin for a good year. Now I’m back on it.

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I'm with you on the cov making all this for all of us so much worse. Welcome glad you have joined our group. Sending hugs, love and prayers

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Even introverts like myself felt the burden of covid, the fear and insecurity it brings. On top of our personal trials, we manage to make it through. Welcome to the group🐥

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It kicked up my depression for sure. The isolation made me extremely lonely, even though I wasn't alone.

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I am also anxious and there are moments when I feel like a cloud of sadness taking over. I was started on buspirone but I don’t see much difference. Also taking lorazepam and it helps me sleep. This only started after a year of the pandemic and being isolated

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Yes, the COVID-19 lockdown makes the situation worse. But I am glad I am feeling a lot better now due to the society is open up again and the weather is getting warmer and more sun. Let’s go or find someway of things that bother you, get with people m, do exercise. Every little thing counts. Your healing doesn’t come overnight. You need to work on it.

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Try probiotics, I've been taking 50B and has helped me much more than antidepressants and anti anxiety meds. Along with camomille tea before bed. You must try to get 7-9 hours of sleep. rest is key. exercising will help make you tired at night. God bless.

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Oh I totally relate to most of what ur saying💘Much of what u said resonated w me💕 I've been fighting severe treatment resistant Depression about 40 yrs now, I'm 66!! The severe Anxiety has been around last 10yrs I guess👎So sorry u are dealing w this also!! You probably have tried numerous antidepressants to no avail?

May I ask which one ur on now? Also have u had any luck finding anything for ur

Anxiety yet? I've been on generic Lexapro for couple of years! They took away t one med (beside Xanax of course 👎)which was Lorazepam, & it helped also!! Now I'm on Hydroxyzine which is like an allergy pill👎

Even though I've never been an addict, they're so paranoid for me to be on any

benzos these days! So I just suffer thru anxiety b& pray alot when I get much dreaded panic attacks ☹️

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