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Ive recently been having bad anxiety that keeps me up and it all revolves around my relationship. I feel an inevitable end coming but I don’t want it to. I love her so much and want to stay with her but recently my anxiety has made me question myself about everything in our relationship. It keeps me awake at night, this knot in my stomach. Part of me thinks ending the relationship is the answer but i know that im just lashing out because she is close to me. I want so badly for this relationship to work but the anxiety in my head is constantly creeping in. I want to know if anyone else has felt this way and what I should do. Part of me thinks it is my mind finally processing the feelings of this lockdown and all its stresses but i just don’t stop fixating on my relationship. If anyone can please give me some advice, as the anxiety stays in my head even when im with her and makes me question everything we do.

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Thankyou man, I believe we will work out but ive never felt anxiety like this before



When do things get less difficult 😂

That’s wonderful! Congratulations

Ive been with my girlfriend for 2 years. I love her but i sometimes question if she’s the person im going to spend the rest of my life with. The future is so long and it’s easy to doubt yourself. Im the type of person who fixates on things so once i started feeling anxious I really couldn’t stop

I know the cons are ones i have created, fake problems as excuses to avoid my anxiety about bigger things. It’s just very hard to get past when im so focused on my relationship when i know it’s not the route cause of my anxiety

She does, she listens to me when I started feeling anxious and helped me through when i needed her. She was understanding of my concerns even though they hurt her and has never once avoided talking to me about my problems

I know, im battling with anxiety bigger than our relationship that im still trying to understand. That’s why it’s so frustrating because it’s affecting how i view my relationship

I don’t, ive never experienced it before

Hello mate , I hope you are doing well , can you explain what happened after cause I’m dealin with this right now.

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