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Depression giving me anxiety

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So some days I’ll just overthink too much and it eventually leads to depressing thoughts which end up scaring me and giving me anxiety- is this normal?

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Well, what is normal supposed to be anyways? With this pandemic going on, the new normal has been very skewed. Try not to overthink things so much.

You are do right, it's hard to tell what "normal" is any longer.

I tend to overthink also. I get out of it by focusing on the present. looking at the clock, comparing the time to the light outside, enjoying the moment, making sure I'm not raving my thoughts, and breathing slowly.

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Rafiki11 in reply to ChavivLeon

I like it! When I started this journey, I would make myself look around for green objects. Silly but it made me thaw out my frozen state and think about my present. Green is my favorite color and the color of spring and growth.

Good morning jande015, overthinking is one of my biggest problems in life and it has caused me to miss out on allot of things. For myself I found that writing helps me sort things out.

Yes. Depression and anxiety go hand in hand. I think about it more like emotional dysregulation.

You’re supposed to be able to shift frequently and smoothly from calm to sad to calm to fearful to calm to angry to calm.

If you get stuck in sad, it’s easy to skip calm and shift straight to fearful and get stuck there. It’s like your emotional transmission has been wrecked…usually by your experiences.

Yes I find that excessive anxiety does lead to depression. However those of us with anxiety know it's the primary issue. I try to work on that problem and realize realize depression will lessen. It always good to share common methods in dealing with our thoughts and coping.

Yes I totally understand what you are saying. I have found it is much worse when I have too much time on hands and I sit around thinking about me too much..what could happen, why did I say that or do that, why didn't I just go ahead and do what I had thought about doing... and on and on. Thinking about missed opportunities or things done wrong can be totally disappointing and the worst part about it is it's things in the past instead of thinking toward the future. I have some favorite books that I keep going back to that helps me change my mind's direction onto things that I can make a difference in and actually give me some Joy in life. Here are my favs-“Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill.

“Life 101” by John-Roger & Peter McWilliams

“The Purpose Driven Life” by Rick Warren

Maybe you just need to find more kind and caring friends to get involved with. Maybe try a book club--something that will occupy your mind more. Do you belong to a Church or a Religious Organization? If so get more involved with the small groups that interest you. If you don’t now is a good time to visit different ones for most are putting their services on Facebook, YouTube, etc. There is no better place to find people who will truly care about you and just want you to find the Joy in life.

Wow this is so very helpful! Thanks a bunch. Yes i find when i have too much time on my hands it is easy to get lost in my thoughts so I’ve been trying to stay occupied:)

It is easy to get busy today so many people need help. We have found in our little area that people, especially the elderly, just can't do what they use to do for themselves after being coped up in their homes for so long. They just no longer have the stamina to get out and work on their lawns or even get their groceries or medicines. I know it doesn't sound like much but it becomes a huge thing for them. Maybe you have an elderly person in your family or a neighbor that is too proud to ask for help that you can offer some assistance to. Believe me, you definitely receive more Joy into your life than you give when you reach out to help others. And the funny part is that the depression you were experiencing just slips away...

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