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I don't know why I feel so afraid at at night time. I keep on having nightmares. I don't know if somebody is doing voodoo tricks on me. She kept talking to me like she was God. Like she knew why I was having nightmares. I think that she performs witchcraft on me too, because she's saying evil things out of my mouth right now. She will talk out of my mouth and I hope she's not doing that while I'm sleep. But she'll send me things about me and my first love's future and tell me that he got married to someone else. She'll send me dreams while I'm sleep about me dancing with a baby and and riding on a sleigh in the snow and then the house looks all red and holy. She asked me questions like which one of my boyfriend's stare like this. It looks scary, but I keep on snapping into reality.

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You need to see a therapist or a doctor

Who are you talking about? There is no such thing as witchcraft.

Yes it is. How isn’t it a such thing as witchcraft ?

That was believed in 100's of years ago but it's only believed now in some 3rd world countries. I can't believe people still believe in it in the 21st Century.

Oh , well I don’t know what it is but I don’t even feel like I deal with scitso-effect anymore.



What's that?

Thats when you can hear auditory hallucinations but know the difference from reality and what’s not real.

Well that is mental illness not witchcraft.

hypercat54 If I'm reading this correctly the diagnosis is called

Schizoaffective disorder

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Oh I see. Thank you Dolphin. It's not witchcraft then? :)

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I'm just spelling the diagnosis correctly

The poster must have been told she has the diagnosis

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And someone still be forcing me to talk and say things that I don’t want to say such as lies.

Well witches can't cause that. Mental illness can however!

But I don’t feel sick with that illness anymore

Well it's not witchcraft trust me.

Your psychiatrist would be the best one to determine if the diagnosis no longer applies.

Oh. Well, she said she was going to Erin me off because she thinks I’m feeling better

Maybe you should just let her know how you are thinking right now?See if she has any input

Okay. I will. Thanksfor your help! I have to have a new therapist. My last appointment is next month. After that I have to make an intake with another therapist.

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