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Cutting out Social Media, No motivation

lately I’ve been wanting to just kind of cut out social media and stop going onto this social website I go on because I find it causes me a lot of social anxiety. I’m always checking to see if people are replying to my messages and worrying about what I’m going to say in group chats. The amount of worry that is devoted to these friends I’ve made online is kind of embarrassing. But in reality , if I cut them out of my life for a while, I’m not sure I would talk to anyone. I would be incredibly lonely. I have a few friends in real life but I hardly talk to them . I think I’m incredibly scared to make this move because it will force me to start actually being productive in my real life. And I literally don’t know how to do that. I’ve developed really bad habits of laying in bed all day and creating negative self talk about how much I suck at everything , life sucks and I’m never going to be happy. I’m not really sure how to do much else. And to find the motivation to do the other things is really really reallly hard .

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The internet is great for education... leave it at that. Social media is a big problem with causing depression and anxiety.

Totally sympathise. Feel I'll need to limit my use as well. I don't see may people outside family even in non-covid times. Maybe you could take up an online course to focus your energy

I made the decision to get rid of both of my social media platforms last year (insta and Facebook) I thought it was going to be hard but it's the best decision I made! My anxiety and depression was so bad, but it's been so much better since getting rid of both! Take care 😊

Thanks for writing my post for me. Ditto. Same. Copy. It's brutal. I hear your frustration. Sounds like myself kinda frozen in place, unable to move forward on any activity that would he good for me. If your not feeling it it's not happening.

You know what’s cool?

You’re looking in the mirror.

You’re trying to find what’s wrong with yourself instead of just blurting out “I need help, shower me with digital likes and love so It will raise my dopamine enough to accept my existence!”

That little red heart and those notifications are like dog treats to us.

Thank you for the treat my digital corporate overlords.....

Can I tik Tok again like a good boy for some NOTIFICATIONS!?!?

Social media will put you in a mental prison and keep you there.

At least this site is neutral with no trickery and subtle brainwashing bullshit.....other than the heart button that so many on here desire.

Maybe you’re not so depressed, maybe you’re just surrounded by people who are content being social media celebrities with their filter faced titty glam shots.


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This! 👌🏻🙌🏻

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Add one to the heart button don’t mind if I do!!! Lol

As much as I agree with a lot of these things, I’m starting to think that I am not really that attached to such things as Facebook and Instagram as much as I used to be. I’ve moved them to my last page on my phone and don’t get notifications for them and only check maybe once a day or if I’m super bored.

However I think my biggest issue is that I go onto this social gaming site I’ve been on for over a decade on and off. I have made a few online friends since I’ve been back on it that last 8 months. And I have grown quite attached to these people and it’s kind of affected my social anxieties and obsessions of comparing myself to others and just alwys focusin on what other people think of me.

Especially in the group chats . I’m always worrying about what to say and if I’m not funny enough or if they are going to ignore me. And also with the friends I have grown closer with, I’m constantly comparing our likes and dislikes and I just feel like I’m always focused on my conversations with them and never really on the real world.

Idk I just feel like I’ve turned this into a whole other topic but about my social anxiety. But it really is amplified in online conversations sometimes . I’m not sure 🤔

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I find the best thing is good for is comparing Yourself to other people. It Makes me feel like I have a shitty life though I am sure I don't.

The only reason I have FB is because I have relatives that live a distance away. It keeps up with family news but doesn't really give me the closeness to my family. But if I stop FB I don't/won't be able to keep up with family. I keep FB mainly for that otherwise I'm gone from there.

I can relate

Hi depressed Libra,I recently cut off Instagram and was basically isolating. It was NOT helpful for me. I don’t think Instagram is great but what was helpful was culling through who I followed. Trying to follow happy posts and no shaming or even “funny but mean” posts. Cute animals and nat geo art, funny cartoons, real people I know etc… The other thing is I am super fond of using this platform as my new main app for social connections!

I hope you are feeling well today.

Love, Nina2016

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