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What do you do?

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I do crosswords, word search, & cryptograms to keep my brain from turning to mush. Its working so far. What do you do to keep from turning into a turnip?

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Watch anime and play Genshin impact and go on HU ☺️🫂

I build scale models.

Oh like building robot 🤖 right? My friend he’s really into it. He got different parts from EBay 👍

If those robots are Gundam and Mecha. Yes it's the same principle, but modeling...... get ready for it.................WW II to present day Military vehicles..

I don’t know this kind of business Mr. Tao 😂 but I saw it never finished. He has been building it for 3 yrs already 🤷‍♀️🤣😂😅

Some people do take that log on models. I have several in various stages of construction. The Model Building community call them " Works In Progress "


I guess it’s a man thing🤷‍♀️ Every time he showed me he ordered new parts and the robot looked just the same 🤣🤣🤣. Good luck Mr. Tao 🖖

Oh and here’s the key word: No touching 🤷‍♀️

YES! " Touch or handle any part of it.You'll draw back a bloody stump, where your lower arm should be.

Whatevesss 🤷‍♀️

This iswh " No touching"

Model building

Yes I saw those hanging around in his office 🤣😂🤣😂

EXACTLY! Even if you did " Go there " with the sexist " it's a man thing"....

Not “sexist”. Just don’t try to understand will drive you nuts 🤣🥴. No questions asked☝️🤣😂😅

It wil a " short Drive" in your case my friend 😂

Did you know Daz how meditation was invented, by a woman ☝️Not Lao Zhu for sure 🤷‍♀️🤣😂🤣😂

It is a wise man that knows when to remain silent 🤫

Silence kills 🤷‍♀️🤣😂🤣😂

It can.....

Is that where " Silent But Deadly " originally started 🤔

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Isinatra in reply to Lazaruslong

Run silent, run deep. ❤️🏄‍♀️

Only in farts

You’re raw Ms. Pinkie 🤣😂

Hence the killer farts

Question, why women don’t and men do? 🤷‍♀️Oh and only when they love you? 🤣😂

I'm otta here...🤢

You were never here🤷‍♀️You’re up on the mountain 🤣😂😅

Where I continue to look down on lesser mortals...☺

I decode it’s an inferior complex ☝️🤣😂😅

I feel like I have transcended..💭☯️

No Immanence 😂

What then?

I g2g Mr. Tao. Ponder on that for now. 😅🙏


Here's something to ponder. I got 22 alerts only to find that its all a private conversation between you 2. Is the PM down?

☕💐Sport 👍💪

Gardening, making things for others (regular or gluten free cakes/ lactose free dips/ cookies etc), coming up with new recipes & trying challenging ones, home improvements, reading or listening to my bible, learning new pieces on keys (currently trying to learn Via Purifico from Final Fantasy - I don't read sheet music proficiently so I'm having to decode the script & then match it to the sounds as I've always been a 'play-by-ear' keyboardist... Certainly not going mushy here... Maybe just nuts 😬).If I'm not doing something I am in danger of sitting still, feeling 'stuck...' therefore, I have a list of all the things that I both need and want to do, to help me make choices.

Wow - I rambled 😳😅

Sounds great. I agree if I sit down, I just don't move and feel stuck.

It's the strangest feeling isn't it? Really not something I like at all. One of the earliest symptoms I ever recognised as depression when I was a teen.Amazing what we learn to work around & overcome/ cope with.

Mental muscles flexing 💪🏼🧠😅

Also, crosswords but should do more, spend too much time on this site now! Am doing an online hobby course, music, walks on each with my dog.

Hi Pinkie & may I say beautiful question & I do try to keep my self protected from negative thinking & stop my brain plotting against me ( so to speak )

Now I love to watch TV ( documentaries mainly) to learn something new. I read as much my mood allows me to mystery & thrillers being my type as I try to piece things together but I started using audible when my mood didn't want me to read my kindle. I listen to a lot of old time radio on line with deceive shows from the 50s onward with Sherlock Holmes being my personal favourite followed by Broadway is my beat, then Johnny Dollar & lastly Nero Woolfe.

I have learned over the years to let my mind & body lead me rather than a clock as for years & still do have insomniac nights regularly but a couple of nights a week I seem to go with what the majority would say is normal (if there is such a thing) some times I have been awake for anything up to 45 hours before I've slept at the very beginning years to now where if I want to fall asleep I usually watch scooby doo cartoons or some of my fave films as I know they allow my brain & body to relax at the same time & I fall asleep be it 6am or 6pm & god blessed me with 2 beautiful loving daughters that let me sleep when I am asleep as they've seen me suffer for years. Sorry if I rambled but as I say beautiful question.

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Pinkie56 in reply to D-Dhanda

I like documentaries about architectural disasters. No matter how badly I screw up nobody has ever died because of me. 😌

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snowdaze in reply to Pinkie56

Ha Ha! You are definitely a "glass is half full" kind of person, Pinkie56! Thanks for the smile! ☺️

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Concentration & grounding techjiques.... I didn t do neither in the past 2-3 weeks☹️Picking plants also.

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Gentlespirit in reply to Hidden

I like plants too. Not only does a plant provide oxygen it can also purify the air. Plants last longer than flowers too . I think something practical can be a sign of caring but I don't know how other individuals think about that. Maybe a mixture of both. My frugal side decided to buy flowers at the store so I paid $5 for a small bunch of flowers that incleded 3 roses and a few delicate lavender flowers. They last a good week or 9 or 10 days I think. Do you have many plants ? I think thats good for your home and the environment. They brighten up a place and some plants are edible and utilized by chefs. The leaves on peas are tasty and I like peas with rice

Do you have any fish or pets? I read that water an aquarium can be relaxing and good for grounding. Breathing techniques and relaxation techniques can help but increasing or expanding them will help.

I want to help so I'm trying to remember what I read or wrote.

Do something ypu enjoy and nature and images of animals may help. Something interesting.

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Hidden in reply to Gentlespirit

Letting go of phone is soothing. Letting go of any electronic device is soothing. As you see I am not good at this.Started doing some yoga, it helps.

When I pick plants I look for certain species. The fact of recognizing their pattern in the grass, or betweeen the dry leaves gets me focused. It is like an upward spiral. Almost like a meditation.

These are big words, though, but the are true. I feel I am going to die if I don t give up my phone.

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Hidden in reply to Gentlespirit

Put separately the roses from the laveder. They go better alone.

I clean closets, throw away junk, sort through clothes and shoes and such and pack them up to donate, etc. etc. OCD has its upside, sometimes. I just like to clean and organize, this also cleans and organizes my mind.

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Pinkie56 in reply to snowdaze

How long before you can get here. I am Oscar I need a Felix

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snowdaze in reply to Pinkie56

How much money do you have? 🤣

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Pinkie56 in reply to snowdaze

Not enuf 🤣

Hahaha. That made me chuckle 😁.I would looooove to throw stuff away & feel good about but the demands of 3 kids always make sure there's a bottomless pit of mess & junk & "things" that don't belong anywhere. I just end up feeling frustrated that it's never-ending.... Where's my pot of gold 🌈? 😭

I color, read my science fiction collection and Kindle books, go to church regularly.

OOO! SciFi. What do you like to read? Have a favorite author? I'm partial to Frank Herbert but Asimov is pretty good too. I like his Foundation Trilogy. Of course Tolkein is always a big hit. I'm deaf so I don't go to church or movies for that matter. Can't sit that long without falling asleep. Very embarassing.

I am partial to Ann McCaffrey and Terry Brooks for the most part. I also read Terry Goodkind, and kindle books that are free or cheap. I also like what I call archeological mystery/adventure books.

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Junella in reply to Pinkie56

I used to like the old Dr. Who programs and watched them all; but haven't liked the new ones (if its still on). Did you ever read CS Lewis' scifi books for adults? I loved them. I also liked his children's books about Narnia. He was a friend of Tolkein. I have trouble with falling asleep watching TV ever since I started taking Paxel years ago. It was embarrassing when I worked in office meetings. Now I am retired. I have some hearing problem but use hearing aids and a headset for the TV.

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Pinkie56 in reply to Junella

I did not know that about Tolkein & CS Lewis. I've only read Alice through the Looking Glass. I've been trying to read Tolkein's Silmilarian but it is a difficult read & I usually fall asleep at the same place every time. I also like the Janet Ivanovich novels...Stephanie Plum -- One for the Money, Two for something else. But I've read most of them. I love that character Stephanie Plum.

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Pinkie56 in reply to Pinkie56

Mists of Avalon can't remember by who. That was very good. Really put you in that place. A woman's viewpoint of the whole Arthur legend.

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Pinkie56 in reply to Pinkie56

I only like the Doctors played by Tom Baker, Chris Eccelsten, David Tennent, & my favorite Matt Smith. I miss Amy & Rory.

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D-Dhanda in reply to Pinkie56

Tom Baker was my doctor as I first started watching Dr Who with the 4th Doctor & Tennent has been the best in the role since its rebirth . There is a UK streaming service called BRITBOX it has all the old comedies & programming from yesteryear.

I think I've gone full-turnip.

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Pinkie56 in reply to Antagone

How so?

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Antagone in reply to Pinkie56

I still play games online. I just can't do the things I used to do to cope. So maybe 3/4 turnip.

First I keep learning new things from reading and on-line. I recently started a Bible study by the famous theologian Dr. NT Wright of England. I ZOOM three lifestyle classes: mindfulness and deep breathing; exercise; accountability of food, exercise, mood, social life; lectures on the same and doctor's input. I also ZOOM another Bible study and church on Sabbath.

I play Text twist on line and card games on my iphone. I keep a health journal and have a time of prayer. I need to do more phone calls to friends.

I also listen to some of NT Wright's podcasts. I have been learning, over the last several years, that the God's "Christian church" heart is quite different to the one I've seen modelled by countless Christians - myself included.

I look back at the attitude & words I spoke in my 20s & shudder... I thank God for His patience & grace with me and also the patience & grace He gave to those around me - those who probably were once where I was & endured with me for my sake, knowing that God was & is still shaping me & pulling me through my faults - preparing to impart that same patience & grace in me.

Braking habits is tough but I am starting to feel His heart guiding me more in so many situations that I once thought of in simple terms.

The more I understand, the less I realise I know. I like it better that way - there is sadness that comes with pride but there's a real sense of peace that comes with humility.

Oh, I almost forgot - I also write poetry, as inspiration allows. Sometimes about issues affecting my life but usually about nature, funny scenarios, children. It's a great escape to other places that I can visualise & almost taste & smell.

I write too would love to read if you want to share.

I've just written a poem for the endometriosis forum I'm part of, you might be able to read it if you click on my profile.Would love to read some of your writings too. Send me a DM & we can share 😊

Would love to share. I write mainly short stories about my life. Everything I write is true just embroidered a bit. lol Will try to find your poem. But I can't find my own profile.

😁 Just click on my name & that should work.

I have adult coloring and I have yarn to crochet and t.v. Netflix too

I like run silent run deep too . Documentaries and Nature films with Sir Attenborough are nicce too . There are free easy recipes to watch and make too with different ethnic foods.

Suavatel waterfall mist smells nice. I didn't say let me smell your ateil. tail. lol

I am a work in progress.

I have mobile games I play, tv shows/movies to watch, a family to talk to, sometimes my friends but in the past year, since the beginning of COVID, I have been striving to be a better person. I focused a lot on my mental health and now I’m trying to eat better and exercise at home.

I wanted to share a poem but I cannot remember what i wrote .

Still doing self care and soothing techniques.

Soduko, Word Scramble, hanging with my cat.

I feel the energies . From what is hidden or camouflaged. Or between what is dying or dead. Patterns. Intricate patterns that rise up to meet or greet me. Or like fog in a mist saying goodbye before it dissipates and dies....

Sometimes I havw to turn everything off. Everything. No phone. No t.v. Nothing. Or it will kill me. I cannot take it.

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