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Any tips?

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I have despised school more than ever this year. My anxiety has been through the roof and it just feels like my life has been dragging on and on. My math and science especially. Last year I was fine, I mean I hated it, but it was still okay. This year, though, I can’t seem to care about my schoolwork. My math teacher gives a new assignment everyday and I always fall behind. I’ve pulled all nighters and gone to tutoring and still never seem to be ahead of the game. My science is just reading long, long pages day after day. I’ve just stopped caring if I fall behind because I still get a good grade. But, now, I’ve just stopped caring entirely. I don’t get stressed if I’ve fallen behind and I don’t even feel like doing the work anymore since school will be ending soon. I know getting a passing grade is important and I know that in the real world I’ll need to do things I don’t like, but I’ve just stopped caring. Any tips?

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Are you in high school?

You probably stopped caring because of depression , not anxiety. You should try and fix what made you stop liking school.

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Hm...thanks for the advice I’ll try and find the cause. But, I don’t think I have depression. My parents say I’m just anxious 😅

Ohhhh honey, feel for you , school can be hard enough let alone having anxiety on top , what year are you in ?

Can you go to the school counselor and tell them exactly whatyou’ve told us? You do care about your schooling deep down or you wouldn’t be worried about it😊. Could you be brave enough to tell them and maybe come up with s plan that works for you , take all the support you can get . Perhaps a little extra time to do your schoolwork, time out of class and go for walk if you need , after school or lunch time help with the school work. If one teacher dosnt respond well, go to another, it’s ok to do what works for YOU, if they make you feel better then your on the right track 💕

And I don’t just mean for your school work ,tell them your having anxiety too, and the fact that you are worried about your school work would be making it worse .... i hope you find someone that is really willing to understand and help you

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Thanks for all your replies. I’ve gone down to my counselors to work on homework, I should start that back up again. And my outside of school counselor is starting to help me with tips and tricks for school anxiety. Thank you again for your repliea

Seems depression has a tightening hold on you. Talk to acrisis line and or your doctor is possible.

Thanks, but I don’t think it’s depression. I believe it’s just anxiety, my parents said I don’t have depression.

You’re the second person to say that, so I’m just a little confused because people say I don’t.

Depression and anxiety are usually linked together. Sometimes its hidden well. Or anxiety could be giving you tunnel vision and your anxious about your future.

Ohhh, okay. I’ll try and talk to my counselor about it. 👍 thanks

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