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Sunday morning

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Thr panic is back just like every day i have to call my dr tomr this will not stop took my meds hours ago.should br able to hsve a life of some sort.


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good morning Bobbiewhen you talk to your dr. be persistant tell him to do something for you.

Took a showr changed clothes still wont stop this klonopin is not working

Hey Morning Bobbie...Make sure the Doctor doesn’t Fob You Off...Yes you certainly do deserve a life of some sort...Good Luck and Let us know how you get on...

If i had a job could not go anywhere scared out of my mind .bella barking at least i have clean clothes on

Well at least you took a shower and changed your clothes that’s a massive positive...Just try to battle it out until you speak to your Doctor tomorrow...Take Care...

Dr on thursday if im still at this comes the barking

No people here just bella and i

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propjock in reply to Lessthanone

"When going through Hell, keep going." --Winston Churchill

Prayers go before you to the Doctor. Tell her what you need, and listen deep to her to.

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Lessthanone in reply to propjock

Dr is a phone call on thursday

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propjock in reply to Lessthanone

Reminder on my calendar

Still won t stop

Can you be more specific about your physical and psychological problems. For example, what triggers the panic attacks, what makes them stop, are you able to sleep, etc. As to the physical problems, how are you dealing with your heart problems, etc. When have you seen your medical doctor? I will just add that I don't hate you.

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Lessthanone in reply to b1b1b1

I take meds for my heart probs

Stevie Nicks was put on klonopin and she doesn't have a good opinion about it , did you panic disorder get worse after menopause ?

Yes but rught now i just found out a close friend died from cancer yeterday

How sad , her suffering is over now RIP

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Agora1 in reply to Lessthanone

Bobbi, I'm sorry about the loss of your friend. xx

I cant stop panicing

I.cant stop

I cant stop the panic

I need to cope with it nyself

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