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Could some one help please


This happens every night wake up cold and sweaety what is this .....panic or am i sick

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It is just panic. And or anxiety.Try to ride it out for tonight and maybe go to urgent care tomorrow if you think it’s something else.

But from my experience it is a panic attack.

It will pass I promise you that.

You need to stop feeding that fear and just let it run it’s course.

I know it’s difficult but it can be done.

Just make sure you talk about your therapist about your meds if they make you feel better or worse.

It definately panic lessthanalone. But to be on the safe side, when u wake up go see a doctor

Is there a particular way we can help her bcz clearly she is in need. Can admin help her somehow? I wonder why she is living alone

Living alone in my house

No ways lessthanalone, we can never be done with you. All of us here wants support, love and care. You are also entitled to love as much as we do. How can we help you? I personally am not a professional, my help to you is limited but if you tell me how I can help you, then that will be good. It you say I should greet u every morning, believe me I wi do it so that you will be okay. Ur health is not only important to me but to all of us and I am sure everyone wants to find a way they can help you but we don't know unless you tell us

I just need some support during a panic attack i miss my husband

Oh, lessthanalone, now this makes sense to me. This is what I needed. I know panic attacks are painful but now I understand that for you it's being without your husband. I am sorry lessthanalone. Since he is gone, can you find someone else or something to occupy your time?

I live in my own house hsve i botheted u so. Much lookinh for some support

Not at all. This site lessthanalone is for support. I need your support and you need my support. We may suffer differently but we all are looking for the same thing. Just because you need support everyday it does not mean you are a burden to us. The only thing we ask for is that you be specific about how we can help you bcz we are not professionals. We might end up helping you wrong if we don't know or just say things recklessly. I feel that your needs are specific. Okay, let me ask will it help you if I send you a chat everyday to find out how you doing?

That would be nice

Do u love movies?

Yes i have comcast i am looking at my posts all begging for help began to rely on u people .

So u are awake now? I won't be disturbing ur sleep if I continue chatting? U know lessthanalone when we chat we forget our problems. I usually chat with people when I feel lonely and talk about movies and staff so if u are awake, we can continue. U will be helping me as well. I'm dying of boredom here

Oh sorry I just saw that u are feeling sleepy. We will chat when u are awake then lessthanalone

No i m sorry to be a pest

What have I said now lessthanalone? I am barely new here and I wanted to get to know u so that we can chat and forget about our problems. I enjoy talking but sometimes I feel I talk too much and I don't want to bore people. I just thought u wanted to have a chat like me

(((((((((((( ❤️ hug ❤️))))))))))

Hugs bsck closing my eyes again early didn t sleep well need to eat ehen i getup losing too much weight

U guys make me feel awful what a pest i am

I’m sorry if anything I said made you feel awful; only trying to help. You are no pest. You are going through a rough time. We care about you. ❤️

I guese we are limited to what we can do then. Thanks for responding

J have a doctor and a therapist and now u r done with me right

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You can talk to me anytime you like darling .

Lessthanone in reply to Hidden

Thanks i m just starting a panic attack my first meds start one

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Just try and take some deep breaths just to calm yourself,I know how they feel I'm forever taking them. I'm glad you have a little dog to keep you company they are wonderful.

Lessthanone in reply to Hidden

She s asleep next to me

Not starving a little over weight coning into season i m scared of having her spayed during pandemic .also worried about money i am single and csn not work anymore

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I have 2 dogs one whippet with 3 legs bless him and I have a chi chi he is a Chinese crested x chihuahua complete bald lol

I feed bella every day several times abd i still drive

Thats ok she has food and water you are so dramatic i never haf panic in the night before i started getting sued by my ex s credit card companies

could it be sleep apnea?

Lessthanone in reply to Pinkie56

No i dont have sleep apnea

It is getting frustrating. We can't help her until she's ready to help herself.

Lessthanone in reply to Pinkie56

I am helping myself waitng for the panic to go away

Pinkie56 in reply to Lessthanone

How is that working for you?

its most likely panicdo you have any hobbies? having something to do that you enjoy might help. even reading a good book or how about a jigsaw puzzle.

No hobbiesci worked all the time till i got hurt a year ago i talk to my dr s next week eventually the panic will go away

well i hope the dr can help you with this would still be good to start some kind of hobby. i find knitting helps calm me

I used to knit forgot how just waiting tillbmy panic calms down

o nice i bet you would remember how if you tried theres always utube

i learned how to knit socks this winter its so much fun. ive made a dozen of them

Hello Robbie hugs 🫂 ignore the haters take deep breath’s your going to be fine ❤️❤️

Whats up with the haters

Waiting for the panic to pass .the guy at amex said he would e mail me our arrangement he never did but i made sure they will get their money

Hib i m bobbie but u can call me robbie i like it.i get terrified and these people are haters i can see that now

They are haters

But why i just refilled bella water and food she eats my socks so i had to put them away

Hi there! I'm new on here as far as comments but I do read alot of posts. Have you ever had your thyroid checked. I dont have a thyroid and if gets out of control its really bad on me and my body. You might want to see if anyone has checked it. Good luck, hope this helps