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I'm new here. Help with medication.

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I've been on Zoloft since June 2020 and I've been adjusting the dosage higher and lower because it doesn't seem to be working. It is just making my anxiety worse and not helping with my depression. I actually think it got my depression worse. What should I do?

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Hi blackhairgirl :) Happy to Welcome you here.

Always go back to the prescriber of your medication. Having been on it since June '20

should be a long enough time to know if it is beneficial to you or not.

It seems like your doctor adjusted the dosages with no difference. He may decide to try

a different medication. Wish you well in going forward and finding something that works for you. :) xx

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blackhairgirl in reply to Agora1

ok thank you i will talk to them about it.

I was the same when on Sertraline. Speak to your GP and ask to try a different medication, it’s all about trial and error and finding the right medication for you!

You will have to titrate down slowly from one and slowly start the new one- please do this under the supervision of your doctor

ok thank i will.

Hi. You’ve been on it awhile and still not working. I would talk to your doctor. A different medicine may make a world of difference. I was on Zoloft 150mg for 20 years because it worked well for me but everyone is different. What works well for one may not for another and vice versa. Sometimes it’s trial and error until you find one that’s works best for you.

This is one of the side effects, it raises the Anxiety prior to working. It takes a good 8 weeks before it works. You have to fight through these and once it works, you will be amazed how good you feel..

I finally found that propranolol works for my anxiety that happens in the morning

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Can that be taken as needed, or is it another med that you have to take for weeks before it shows a benefit? Overall, I don't think I can take it however because I take a blood pressure medicine. Morning anxiety is the worst.

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I can take it 2 times a day and it works pretty quickly at the beginning

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It helps really quickly so that’s a positive, There are side effects as with most meds. You might look it up on line to see the list of side effects, that’s what I did

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