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Hi I'm 22 and a mom of 2. I struggle every day to see the beauty in me. And no things didn't start after having my babies. I was already a little depressed but I could always work it out and feel better about myself. After entering a relationship where my children's father would let his mom make awful comments towards me and not say anything I struggled more. If I would cry he would be annoyed and didn't really listen to me much. At first things were great I felt loved by him. His attention was all for me . But after been pregnant he no longer have me his full attention. He didn't show affection anymore we started to fall out . After my son was born things got worse he would come home and spend all day around his parents giving me no attention unless he wanted food. I became more depressed. Finally I decided to leave after enduring a lot more things. A week later I found out I was pregnant. He was happy but each time he would call or text he would be so evil towards me or my family. And now he barely ask about our children doesn't really help me at all. I can't seem to find a job and my online business seems harder than it should for me. Especially when I just feel like a failure all the time. Some days I just cant seem to function. I just wanna get better for my two babies

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Hello Monke6130. Wow! Two children and on your own. You must be a very strong person to have moved out and put a stop to his inability to hear you and stop doing hurtful things. You are a wonderful creation and are blessed with two children. Try to focus on them. Is he giving you any financial help? Do you have any family that you can talk to about the situation? Have you considered some therapy to give some guidance? You are very young and have your whole life ahead of you. You can definitely pick up and move forward with your life. You and your children are worth it. Hugs.

We live with my parents right now because of financial problems. He helps financially sometimes. He believes $170 is enough for two babies every other week or once a month. I have considered asking for professional help but I don't have the money for it

Have you considered church groups. They sometimes have therapy offered for free or on a sliding scale depending on what you can afford. I know that you can get online counseling these days although I don't know the cost. I can give you a number where you can talk to a licensed counselor. They might be able to give you some guidance on where to get ongoing counseling. and emotional support. 8553825433 You were created in love for good things. I know things can improve.

Thank you

I am rooting for you,

You have endured so much, really!! It does take a lot of strength to finally move out, for the sake of your own sanity and for your kids. I hope you will find therapy (I find froggymom88's suggestion worthwhile taking up) - you can only gain! It is so important to find someone to talk to. I think sometimes just talking helps, it helps to get things off your chest and feel the burden already a bit less. Also, do you have any kind of support group, like good friends, a community or family contacts who may be able to connect you to working moms or small business owners network in some way. You might be able to get business leads that generate income or get ideas and help on how you can potentially make your business a more viable one (nowadays things are so hard economically anyway, so any professional help you can get would be great). You are doing well. You are a precious child, created by God and even if the father of your children does not see that, God surely does. Take care.

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