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How to combat negativity and keep faith

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I was having a good day, felt pretty accomplished actually, then I had found out some disappointing news. I tried to tell myself not to get worked up over it but just couldn't. Ended up bawling my eyes out and have been down since. I just don't know how to deal with negativity and disappointments any more. I get so angry and sad. I was told to pray but I have fallen so far away from it. I don't even know what I believe anymore. I don't understand how people keep hope and faith when life just keeps giving them nothing but pain. Like, obviously your prayers aren't working. I hate saying that because I used to be so close to God but my faith in anything better just isn't there anymore. How does anyone else deal with these issues?

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I understand ok, As a kid my faith weakened a lot. I just was so alone, but he does hear you. Perhaps talk to a minister/pastor? My messages are always open. Hugs.

Thank you. I grew up very strict Christian but as I got older lost the religion but stayed spiritual. I don't know if I would talk to a pastor. I learned of a lot of corruption or hypocrisy in the churches including mine so they make me a little uncomfortable now. I was thinking of looking up spiritual leaders and videos on improving your spirituality.

Understandable. My grandparents are very strict Christains, like if you did even the tiniest of sins you were ignored for days ;-;

Lol oh no, that's terrible. We couldn't watch certain things and could only listen to Christian music. No Halloween (that one really killed me). I got some good from it for sure but also a lot of fear to accompany my other issues lol.

cri no halloween ;-; and yeah I swear ik most if not all the christain songs that are in english.

Amy Grant was pretty cool though. We had Twila Perry and CeCe and Bebe Winans came to perform at one of our events too.


Please don’t give up. 1 Peter 5:7

I'm fighting to try, thank you 😊

Psalms 34:18 too. It takes time to get your faith back. The recipe is a little bit of reading your Bible on a regular basis especially the gospels, a little bit of praying, and a little bit of putting faith. Start small and just see what God will do.

I'm going to definitely try

It's not intentional, but it seems too often we humans think we know better how to solve our problems. Prayer does work, if we step out of God's way. 2020 had more than its fair share of negativity that has affected most everyone. The deeper problem may be a mild case of depression. You might consider talking with a counselor, even if just to help process these strange times. Prayers for peace, guidance and strength.

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Thank you. I've been dealing with anxiety and depression for about 20 yrs, off and on with therapy and meds. 2020 sure didn't help though. I currently do virtual therapy but I feel I need something else. I'm trying to get back into some routines that have helped before. It's just hard to find motivation and strength sometimes.

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