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ADAA Health Anxiety Webinar - Free and Now on Demand


The illness you fear may not be the illness you have. Do you worry about cancer, heart attacks, or a brain aneurism? Do you regularly google your symptoms or reexam parts of your body that are concerning? If so, you might have Health Anxiety. ADAA board member, Ken Goodman, LCSW, presents the second of two webinars on this debilitating disorder. In Part One, Ken explained health anxiety and provided tools and a strategy for overcoming it. In Part Two, Ken dives further into the treatment and teaches how to incorporate exposure therapy into recovery. This webinar also includes a former patient who suffered with fears of ALS and MS. There will be plenty of opportunities to ask Ken questions about your specific fears and query his former patient about her journey to freedom. It is recommended that you watch Health Anxiety Part One (available at no cost on-demand) before participating in the second webinar.

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I'm in the UK is it open to us?

ADAAAdminAdministrator in reply to Grateful71

Yes - absolutely! Note the time of the webinar is 2:00 - 3:00 pm US (Eastern Standard Time). The webinar will also be available on-demand as of Tuesday, December 8. It will be posted on this page:

Thank you.

Hopeful35 in reply to ADAAAdmin

When is the next group and how do I join?

Hello, when is the next Webinar please ??

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