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I've had anxiety for several years and I think depression as well now. When I was speaking to my therapist the other day and telling him about how there are a few hobbies that I like doing, I realised how so many of them have not really brought me much joy of late and things are just increasingly difficult. I understand that I can't run away from things anymore and that things may be hard but when I got onto my laptop I felt like really reaching out for support with my depression and so I'm hear.

I'm not really sure what I'm expecting but maybe finding an online space where I can speak up and open up to people would be great as I'm having some trouble opening up to my friends and family of late. I feel really responsible for my condition and so am struggling to own up to anyone, I guess. I hope this isn't oversharing or overburdening anyone with anything. I guess I'm really just looking for a support group that I can grow along side with.

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I want to add that I don't mean to complain but I have been finding it hard to do well of late. I spend a lot of time on my phone distracting and numbing myself and have a hard time admitting to my mistakes, for example.

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Admitting to one’s mistakes is a very difficult thing to do, but very wise. That self-honesty is super important, because it allows you to truly see yourself and how to improve various aspects of your life. Don’t let any suffering from your mistakes prevent you from making life changes in an effort to fix them, only let your mistakes remind you that there’s something in your life that you need to change to become a better version of yourself.

The instant you decide to accept that the past and commit to do your best to change for the better, things start to improve :)

If you’d like, I shared a post yesterday that you might benefit from. It’s called “First Post - Light” you could either scroll down until you find it or open my profile and find my post in there.

I hope something I said helps!

I wish you the best! (:

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I can relate to you, I am similar. Welcome to the community. You are not a burden.

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You are definitely free to speak up and open up to people :) you are welcome here! No burden at all (:

I understand how hard it can be to own up to one’s mistakes and especially how hard it can be to open up to friends and family about the things you’re dealing with. I could be wrong, but it sounds as though you haven’t opened up to any of your friends or family. I really do recommend that you at least open up to just 1 of your closest friends or family members. I don’t know what your family and friend situations are, but I found so much love and support when I opened up to a really good friend. It’s one of the best things I’ve ever done :)

That said, you can find support here too! Feel free to share anything you feel you need to. We are here to help you, and we care :)

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Thanks man. I appreciate the advice. I will try and speak to someone, I know it's important and sorta needs to be done but I've been afraid of opening up for so long and I'm afraid, that's it. I guess I can try and find a friend who I can speak to and try and atleast say somethings, get things started atleast.

I appreciate the advice though

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You’re welcome (: and it’s okay to be afraid. I was too.

It doesn’t have to be a whole lot right away, you can start small. For example you could say you have some things you’re dealing with and need some help. Easy as that! :) By starting off like that, they have the opportunity to directly tell you whether or not they want to help you. And if not, you haven’t given any sensitive information. If they do want to help you, over time as you trust them more, you can tell them more.

I hope you find what you need!

I wish you the best! Good luck :)

You are trouble, over sharing or overburdening ?? HU is Bugging I mean Nothing like your friends and Family, who make it cheese I mean clear that your time is less important to them than any thing in their family I mean daily important lives..

Your suffering is less important to them than their Precious Time...

You get it. ??? Stay here and talk to us any time, day or night...




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Hey cat, so I wouldn't put the blame entirely on my family, I've struggled to open up to anyone and I was just looking for a space where I could share here atleast before I mustered up the courage to speak to the people who are actually involved in my life on a day to day basis.

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That’sa good idea to “practice” with us, before attempting to talk with your understanding caring helpful family...

Yeah I grew up in a family that never talked.

I found the best way is to stick to one subject at a time and be careful how you talk to them and make it as brief as possible. But they still mostly won’t talk in my family so I mostly give up and send some 🎁’s once in awhile..

Sorry I didn’t fully understand, you are extremely safe here like you suggested..

Cat man


I am aware some have prayed for me...

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I can totally relate Cat man, I also grew up in a family that never talked and I get that it isn't the best to be too harsh on myself but it feels like now I'm the one who doesn't want to talk. I'm the one who is afraid to open up. It's not that I don't want to talk but I just haven't been able to open up. Of course I feel best when I talk and am able to share with people instead of living this reclused kind of life.

I guess I felt this in my romantic relationship as well, where I felt like I should speak to my partner and let them know about difficulties I'd been having as a form of honest communication and that has been hard. I've found it hard to open up and be myself - to talk about my fears and insecurities, not that I absoulutely need to tell my partner all of this but I want to - I don't want to really remian shut in anymore. It's a lot to bear.

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I really appreciate you taking the time to post though, Cat. It helps having someone prompt conversation and giving me a chance to open up a little bit. It's just, at this moment, I'm not sure where to go or who to turn to and what I can say.

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I don’t blame you for not wanting to talk to those oh so encouraging folks

Yeah talk to me anytime you want

I’m a really good ear...

Without really oh so Stupid remarks back


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