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I don’t know anymore.

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I’m at that point where I don’t care about anything, I don’t expect anything, I really don’t feel hopeful at all. And it hurts. It really does. And it hurts me the most to hold it all in and smile.

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Hi I’m Shnookie. I want U to know that I care about U. The people in this group R

warm and compassionate. I grew up with the philosophy of to save one life is to save the world. U R worth it. This is one of the hardest times, we R living in.

U can contact the Suicide Prention

Hotline, Nami, a mental health hotline, where U can speak to peer representatives and SAMSA - a mental health resource center

Be good to yourself hugs S

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Thank you! I’m just replying now, but I read this last night and I really needed it. Thank you

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U can always reach out to us. Many of us have felt the pain especially now during the pandemic. Truth be known I'm in a financial mess and just trying to get thru things day by day. I'm always here 4 U. It's not healthy to keep all the pain pent up in your body. Try deep breathing, meditation, listening to music U like and visualizing pleasant experiences in your mind. hugs S

Hi. I'm so sorry that you don't feel hopeful. I've been at that point before and it is truly awful. Please talk to someone you trust about this. Talking to someone about what you feel shouldn't be seen as shameful or cowardly. It takes a lot of guts and courage to share. I broke down at Bible study a few months ago ago. It was on Zoom in front of at least 10 people and was embarrassing. I got an email afterwards from someone who was there. She told me that seeing me like that was one of the bravest things she had ever seen. I was sharing my human-ness with others and that takes courage. I completely lost it over the phone to my pastor a couple days ago. I apologized for breaking down. You know what she said? She said not to apologize. She even thanked me for sharing my pain! We can't possibly be expected to keep our composure when feeling so bad.

Please reach out. Doing so does not show weakness!

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Thank you! I’m used to just numbing myself and just “moving on” but it’s gotten exhausting lately. Breaking down unexpectedly, crying it out to feel some sort of relief, not knowing the answers I wish I knew, it’s gotten to me. And I feel it’s physically exhausting as well. I’ve tried to reach out, but I’m sure I wasn’t given the type of support I need and now I just don’t want to bother anyone anymore. But I’m glad I read your reply last night, thank you.

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You're most welcome!🙂

Hi 8Bee,

I can understand it is hurt when you don't feel hopeful. I have gone through this thing, but one day I gather the courage and share all my feelings with one of my closest friends which I trust the most. Trust me, and I feel so good after sharing all my feelings. He cheers me every day, supported me through the journey till I didn't feel better. I think you should share all your feeling with the person you trust the most.

I hope it helps you.

Thank you! So far I haven’t been able to find support with anyone around me. I’m glad to at least have this type of support through this group.

Hi there, Im sorry you are feeling this way. That sounds hard. I hope you can feel comfortable opening up to someone in your life about how you are feeling.

Please know that you are not alone.

There is help and there is hope.

Keep fighting the good fight.

Thank you! I’m glad to at least have this way of support for now.

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Hi it’s shnookie again. We’re in this for the long haul. U can always reach out to this group. We give each other tips, resources, and are always supportive of one another. U T not being a burden.

Trust me even with my deep breathing,

music therapy that I’ve created for my

Myself, my acid reflux has become worse and I’m getting more migraine like

headache 🤕. People in this group understand me if I talk about things like this

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You mentioned Music therapy, and that seems to work so well when I am alone. I just turn up the volume and try not to think too much, but that’s not always an option 😔

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