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is it just me or does every time something goes good in my life something goes bed and I screw everything up. so here's what happened I have had a boyfriend for about 4 months now and I think we were a pretty average couple until earlier today he had said that he wanted the screw me so I asked him what he meant and he said you know like sex. soi said it was to early in the relationship. and he took everything out of proportions and he ended up tying me to the bed and raping me.so that relationship is over and I said the first time we broke up i would not date him again but me being my stupid self dated him again. so now I sware on m life I will never date him again

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eati, what he did to you is a crime, punishable by jail time. No means "no" and if

he couldn't accept that, then he must pay the consequences. I am so sorry. You

did nothing wrong but put your trust in him. Did you tell anyone yet? You should

dear. Harboring what happened to you will just bring on more issues with your mental

health. If there is anything we can say or do to help you, please let us know. :) xx

I care, my number one priority on this forum is to keep young people like you safe from


eati in reply to Agora1

I haven't told anyone yet my family really likes him and I don't want to break their hearts they would never forgive me. thanks for all of the support

Agora1 in reply to eati

I'm always here for you. It breaks my heart to hear you being violated. xx

FearIsALiar in reply to eati

Hey I really think you should reach out and tell someone! None of that is your fault so don’t blame rape on you. Please do the right thing and reach out to someone! I hope you wouldn’t want this happening to someone else so the sooner you reach out and call the police the better! Best of luck to you. Keep us updated!

Hidden in reply to eati

Yo yo yo.... if forgiving is involved, it’s not doing or saying anything about it.

You did nothing wrong but look out for yourself! It’s scary, I can’t imagine how much.

Please speak up about this. To someone.

Is there something telling you, to even get back with that kind of person. That’s so disrespectful. They don’t care about you, they care about themselves. That’s uncalled for.

Man, that bothers me. I hope you’re ok.

You matter, and deserve the world. Please speak up to someone, when you find the strength for it.

Much love, good night

i dont want to make the wrong desition i was raised to forgive and forget

i will think about it

i have been raped many times i just don't what people to hate me for reporting it

I'm gonna echo Agora and Detroit_Lions.... what your (what should now be your ex) is a violation of your rights, and is a punishable crime. The wrong decision is holding this information to yourself and not going to the authorities. Because if he did this once, he'll do it again to someone else. As long as you made it clear that you were not interested in having sex with him, then you did nothing wrong nor do you deserve to be violated like that at all. Forgive and forget, sure. But do that after you've taken the appropriate steps to get justice. This will likely have long-lasting physical, mental, and emotional effects on you. He should not get away scot-free, when he was in the wrong.

eati in reply to trtl182

you should tell that to my old foster parent he had raped me and I threatened to tell some one so he picked me up by the hair and started choking me and my sister found out and he said he would kill us if we told. so I never told but she did. I don't like being threatened about my life my ex scars me

I am so sorry that happened to you. I hate that this is the world we live in. I guess I feel like it isn’t so bad as obvious abuse that I tolerate it and I know it’s not right. But I hope you got the justice you deserve.

Thank you but it’s hard to let go when you are in this toxic cycle it’s almost like I dream of change. He has apologized and realized he messed up but said he wants to go to therapy. I don’t I feel stuck but he isn’t bad all the time. It is very random. Not making excuses for him but his father was murdered by a family member when he was 14. Grew up in a rougher house than I did. Not sure if this is the stem of his anger but because of Covid the killer got out of jail earlier because a lot of inmates were getting sick. So I get it but I shouldn’t be the punching bag.

it wouldnt let me message you

it wouldnt let me send anything

i did you said hi but it wouldn't let me respond

ik my live is kinda a living hell i think i need a man in my life every second but men offend me

to what

no i mean i dont have a phone number

it wont let me type on messages

no im on my computer

dont have one

um idk

eati in reply to eati

everyone is talking about imgbb can you tell me what that is

I was first sexual a salted when I was 5 by my papaw and everything hasn't been the same since. guys call me easy I am way too clingy and now have depression anxiety and trust issues

eati in reply to eati

i just don't understand what a guy gets out of holding a girl against her will and repedivly shoving his fingers and penis in and out of a girl until we cry and still have the nerve to say that he loves me

idk my life is all kinds of ****** up

dont be sorry it didnt happen to you

tecnekly i did

ik what u meant


a abusive mom stepdad granny papaw and boyfriend would but out their cigarettes on me and hit me

thanks but its ok im used to it

i told you its fine im fine

cheyanne or renee

thank you but i am fine ******Up , Insecure, Neurotic & Emotional. FINE — Frustrated, Insecure, Neurotic, and Exhausted. FINE — ******up, Insecure, Neurotic, Emotional. FINE — Fanatical, Insecure, Neurotic and Emotional.

i wouldnt but i will have my sister do it is that ok because I am scared of him

eati in reply to eati

that is the definition of fine

i understand where your coming from what type of man would put his hands on a girl only a man that is to scared to but his hands on another man but that is only my opinion

i wouldn't be me without all i have went though

the should.... that is just normal for them they don't think anything of it

eati in reply to eati

they wouldn't hurt me on purpose

but we don't know what goes on in their mind they could just have liked me a lot and wanted to have sex with me but IDK maybe they did just want to rape me because i was vulnerable

my dad always told me I'm never too young for sex

hes dead

he died in service

eati in reply to eati

its fine its not your fault you didn't know

yea ik

im feeling better this morning you

she alredy did and he has a court date soon

how are you feeling today

Seems like that guy has problems, perhaps you should report him as he seems like a potentially violent person. Do you have any safe people around you to help keep you safe?

um idk i had to go to tharipy

no i just talked about my family and some other things

not really


ik but mentally i cant do that

ik i appreciate all of yall

have a genuine friend most people cant handle me

i mean i think i am

idk people just say i care to much and love to have even if I'm just trying to be a nice friend I care about people to much


im so sorry your not to emotional

dont worry i never shut up either

thank you

fine i guess you

just laying down in my bed

eati in reply to eati


thats always fun

so how did your day go

you live in Indiana is it nice their

do you know a girl named leslie renee stull

eati in reply to eati

a woman

no reason I'm glad you like it there

i have a question can i ask it

why are you still talking to me on here I'm pretty sure you have better things to do than sit there and talk to me

no that person is my mom she abandoned us I live in Kentucky rn

thank you you seem like a nice guy

good you i wish more guys in Kentucky were like you

eati in reply to eati

most guys are like "hey you up you wanna fuck" but your a guy that asks if people are ok and how are you doing

ah that's so sweet

how are u

do you want trump or biden

I am worried

eati in reply to Hb2003

about what

Hb2003 in reply to eati

The election

ik. your the only person that agrees with me on that

What if trump wins

eati in reply to Hb2003

idk then i guess he wins

Hb2003 in reply to eati

The world will suffer i will suffer

Hb2003 in reply to Hb2003

Muslims will suffer

because everyone thinks that all the world is about is sex but I mean I enjoy sex but I care more about love

I know from experience it takes tremendous strength to end a relationship and never look back. I can count on one hand how many times I’ve done it. Major kudos to you for immediately kicking him to the curb.

I consider myself a very good person and yet I’ve had maybe ONE relationship with someone actually worthy of my time. It ended because it became clear to me that I wasn’t “the one” for him. He was good to me, but after 3 years the thought of marriage hadn’t even crossed his mind. After that long, if you can’t even IMAGINE it, it’s not going to change. I often wonder if it’s ME, but if so, it’s not that I’m defective. I’m choosing the wrong men. I become more focused on helping THEM than my own happiness and the things I DESERVE. So before you blame yourself, consider maybe you’re making the same mistake and if so, ask yourself why?

No i am serious

ik but thats what i grew up around trust me I know a lot I shouldn't know

thats not what i was talking about like I'm more of a submissive person

eati in reply to eati

and also bondage and discipline

look it up

eati in reply to eati

found out yet

Why /😭😭😭

then why did you ask lol

oh, sorry


eati in reply to eati

if you knew what it meant then why did you ask lol

you are nice

eati in reply to eati

what u wanna talk about


I am sorry

Hb2003 in reply to Hb2003

I just am worried

Hb2003 in reply to Hb2003

This was insensitive of me

Hb2003 in reply to Hb2003

I apologize in advanced

☺️ thansk for the reassurance

u ok lol

what do you mean

yes i do enjoy school i want to be either an actor,singer, or surgan

eati in reply to eati


eati in reply to eati

u ok

you sure

wait how do you know about submissive and dominant people


nothing really

eati in reply to eati


well but how do u know

eati in reply to eati

we know what you be doing on your free time

how was your day

eati in reply to eati

i might not be able to talk to you till Friday so don't get worried bye talk to you later

eati in reply to eati

i can talk to u until 6 :48if your up

hey u up


fine ig u

nothing u

not yet his court date is around the 24 of november

eati in reply to eati

how is your demon doing

y do u even care I am a complete nobody and you have better things to do

how r u so positive

eati in reply to eati

your always so positive how do u do it

oh im sorry

fine u

laying down


eati in reply to eati

how have u been?

nothing im fine

no, i just don't want to worry you with my troubles

both of my biological parents died today

why does everything have to happen to me

i hope

my mom always told me " keep m face in the sunshine and you will never see your shadow " but why did I have to look back

youll always be happy if you dont stay in the shadows it like a famous saying

ik that sex isent about excitement but I know that I like to please a guy you cant tell me you have never wanted a girl to please you if you were dominate

im sorry

im sorry

u sure

about what

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