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What's the most important self care routine you do everyday?

We all know self care is extremely important for good mental health, a healthy attitude and focusing on the positive.

Most of us do more than 1 self care routine but what's your self care that's the most Important to you.

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Reading takes me to another world...

Brig57 in reply to Luna_Child

Ur right

I was busted inn a hospital for self care after two years of exhausting. Clinical rotations

What I th k of shrinks can't be published.


Caringrose in reply to Brig57

I know what you mean and the nurses....I compared them all to nurse ratchet.

Brig57 in reply to Caringrose

Had stellar giving and

Nightmares. No one believes a word u say

Grew up.poor

.they think I' because I work with horses

I work with them. Not own them. Four jobs in college I get my ass kicked by these damn hospitals. No history np medical. Outrageous

Luna_Child in reply to Brig57

Thank you for sharing.

Brig57 in reply to Luna_Child


I'm a horseman

Trained to. Care train humanely communicate Etc and care for out horses. Very long term. Slow coevelution

I get labeled as a preditor a nurse. Spolied. Etcetc. they assume all guys arecpreditorsx


We are


Our horses


Our staff



Ya like marshal.matt Dillon

Not on yur life

Irony even know how to approach women with anumals

U have to go slow and quiet or it does a

I brush my teeth and floss (way to go me for flossing! Lol)

Oh I love that feeling of clean teeth😬😃🦷😁

I'm a crazy lady when it comes to flossing! 🦷😁

You mean now being on healthunlocked ""again**.

It's all about the music 🎶 that's a fabulous healer.

Brig57 in reply to Luna_Child

Sooo right. Soon I may finf a place and have music

Brig57 in reply to Luna_Child

Yes. Amen


Yeah, music is a good one.

Meditation, Prayer, and Music

Luna_Child in reply to Hope4me1

Good for you. 🦋

Stay healthy and fit to stay away from them.

Some are wonderful

The system.doesnt listen or care either way I have written on behalf of great people for thirty years

Point less

Luna_Child in reply to Brig57

Take care of yourself Brig57

Physical exercise

Luna_Child in reply to RoxieDawn

If you keep yourself in shape,. eat well and get your rest it produces amazing results.

Brush teeth and hair

Taking a shower to start the day 🙂

Get dressed... look presentable.

Not fabulous... just presentable.

Sounds simple but like a friend of mine said,

If I go around in my pajamas all day... then I feel like I’ve been in my pajamas all day!


Someone22 you're easy to pick out like a needle in a haystack. Run!

I have coffee every morning while reading. I take a shower put on make up and get dressed and put on jewelry even if I’m not leaving the house. This is my way of telling myself that I’m worth the time and effort

Luna_Child in reply to Ringlove

That's awesome 😊

I've been thinking about putting makeup on too because I'm totally out of the habit of using it now.

You're my inspiration. I'm going to start tomorrow.



Hugs 🤗

Kabukilee in reply to Luna_Child

I have thought about putting on makeup even if I don't plan on going anywhere but I keep convincing myself it's not worth it since I'm just at home by myself and my cat. But I completely understand the reason to do so! When we look at ourselves in the mirror we don't like what we see it affects our self-esteem. Getting dressed, maybe putting some perfume on, polishing your nails or something that makes you feel more presentable is a great idea. Even if it's only being more presentable to yourself.

Luna_Child in reply to Ringlove

Thank you. That's just what I needed. This way when I look in the mirror the ghost has disappeared👻👻👻👻

I eat a balanced diet and sleep well every day. That keeps me going.

BobJensen in reply to BobJensen

I take a shower every day, without fail, and I shave.

Luna_Child in reply to BobJensen

Hygiene is essential as well and I'm sure your wife appreciate's it too.

Giggle 🤣

BobJensen in reply to Luna_Child

Yes. For sure

Luna_Child in reply to BobJensen

Hahahaha 😂

Luna_Child in reply to BobJensen

Great self care Bob. Eating and sleeping well are key ingredients to being mentally and emotionally healthy. Keep it up!


Healthy breakfast and craft coffee. Coffee is a bit of a hobby. If you enjoy it coffee is amazing for mindfulness because it is hot and smells great. I have a collection of makers and a local roaster. It causes me to slow down and appreciate the people who grow and roast it. No anonymous factory.

Luna_Child in reply to Blueruth

Sounds delicious 😋

Hi Luna Child, for me, my daily self care includes "10 minute me time" in meditation and quiet time. (Morning, Afternoon and Evening) Those breaks regenerate the Mind/Bod

Connection in a positive way. :) xx

Luna_Child in reply to Agora1

Great self care Agora1. Soothing 🤗

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