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I dont know what to do

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I dont know how to get through to my family that I have depression and telling me that I'm fine nd to get over it doesn't help. I feel alone.

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Hi and welcome

I am fairly new here but it seems like a great supportive site. I hope you find the support and encouragement you need.

No being told to snap out of it doesn’t help anything. Only people who don’t understand depression would say something like that. Your family may not be able to understand your struggle yet but the people here do.

You are not alone. Depression is serious and at times crippling. The fact that you recognize your depression breathes hope.

I've experienced this with my family and friends at times. I know they love me, they just don't all understand that I'm different than they are. Be patient though. Some of them have really come around and now accept me--and one or two have struggled with their own problems over the years and have a better understanding of what it's like. Over time, relationships can heal. In the meantime, you can only do the best you can in life, and be honest with people about where you are.

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Good points. I feel that I have been unsympathetic towards my family in the past because I had really no idea what depression was. But give it time... things change.

Another thing, sometimes an official diagnosis gets it across better than simply saying what you are feeling. For example my mom didn’t really accept what was going on with me until she heard my psychiatrist say “major depression.”

I really feel for you & totally understand I’m in same spot my parents never have understood& I never see really any change in that - it makes it harder because I’ve actually had glimpses where they apologized and almost seemed to understand and felt regret for how they’ve treated me but it never stays this way they go right back to being unkind, no care , and really no compassion?? They just have no patience just want me to be what they want and how they want and even though I don’t fully understand it so I have to back away more to protect myself have self preservation! I’ve tried to many times to reach out only to be pushed down further!! I love them though so this has been incredibly painful- I want a healthy family I can get support from but it just isn’t there I have to try make peace with it & find the care & support elsewhere with ones who do care, understand and are compassionate!!💞💞💞🌻🌻🌻🌻💗💗💕💓I’m glad you’re posting here & I wish & pray better hopeful days for you ahead!!

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