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What's the worse thing that will happen if you shut down your computer, cell phone, tablet and laptop for a full 72 hours? Everything except your house phone, that's plugged into the wall? You can still call people and you are getting your phone back. Believe it, you will survive, I promise.

There was a time indeed, when we didn't have any of this technology. I really liked those times and I miss them terribly. The Baby Boomer Era. Things appeared less complicated.

How do you think you would react with a 72 hour break from technology, no excuses, you can't use any of it? You are getting it back remember.

How would you react, knowing yourself better than the rest of us? Be 110% honest.

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I would welcome it. I totally can't stand technology. Just give me the phone on the wall, TV, my Dogs and Books.

I’d find it hard. I do switch off from it sometimes but would find 72 hours too long.

I think there’s probably an ‘age’ link to how affected you would be by it. I’m in my late twenties and so much of my life and contact with people is through social media and my mobile phone. We don’t even have a house phone.

If I switched off for 72 hours, I would lose my contact with the world.

I think it’s good to switch off but that’s how we communicate with each other so unless everyone agreed to switch off and go back to ‘simpler’ times, it just leads to isolation, in my opinion.

So, you're saying, in your opinion, that switching techno off would lead to isolation. Am I correct? it leaves me a little confused. When the world had zero tecno, we were out . more, being active and talking with our friends, visiting , doing and going places. I think techno isolates a lot. People are home with their heads in their computers. We never did that. We had fresh air, walked, rode bikes used our voices to speak to our friend's and family. People live and breathe by their phones and if someone has lost it, look out. Talk about your anxiety attack.

You'd stil have the phone on the wall to reach the outside world...

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings 🤗

I am saying that, yes. I’m not a massive technology fan, I’m not permanently attached to my phone and I do enjoy seeing people in ‘real life’. Some days I hate technology/social media and if we could all go back to a time without technology, I think it probably might be nicer.

BUT, as it is now, the whole world/everyone you knew would have to agree to switch off for it to have a positive impact. I’m not from a generation that regularly used a house phone, for me, it would never ring/no one would answer if I called! If just I (someone) switched off, who was usually communicating with friends/family through social media etc, then I think it would be isolating.

dmt121 in reply to Luna_Child

I grew up in that era, and I had zero friends in my neighborhood. My closest friend was a pen pal. My classmates bullied me physically and emotionally. One even stalked me, at a time when no one took that seriously.

So, the Internet has been a place for me to connect with people. Folks I might never have met otherwise.

Good question. I am with you, don’t care for technology much... although I use it a lot! 😁

I think I would be more productive without all the distractions. For 72 hours? I would clean the whole house probably! 🙂

Luna_Child in reply to Phil-4-13

Definitely, me too.

Luna_Child in reply to Phil-4-13

Yes I agree

Thus far there are 3 of us who wouldn't miss it.

I would love this that’s because I’m older and miss simpler times. I miss phone calls and hate texting with my daughters as I would love to hear their voices. That said, I don’t have an analog phone at home. We have a small business run out of our home and everything is PC based, remote dialup, etc. But if the idea could be real, I’d do it.

Theres zero chance of shopping online... Amazon.com might not like it too much. 🤣

For 3 days I could do this, it’s just 3 days.

I’d miss you guys here those 3 days, though. 💜🌺

Luna_Child in reply to RoxieDawn

Exactly, you mentioned important factors here. It's only 3 days, most of us do miss hearing people's voices, and I'll add another one. We will live through it.

Lol I take months away from technology, I just can’t live without my playlists and books

Understood 😊

I would toss the phone for a landline (it us quite funny that my nieces and nephew do not know what that is). I only play two games on my phone and connect on here. Besides that, yeah, I could go 72 hours. I also agree with EleanorRose regarding age difference. Gen X and Gen Y would have no other form of communication (typically). What I have also seen as far as contacting someone is typically texting or a social media site.

I could most definitely do it. Maybe my creativity would come back to me. Too often I settle for a game on kindle instead.

Luna_Child in reply to KCindy

Good point KCindy. Your. Creativity would definitely come back

There's one way to find out

Thanks for sharing 😊


Hi Luna, You have a great idea, if only I could convince my daughter that it's okay to

put down the cell phone. It's like it's super glued to her hand. She can't understand

why she can't sleep at night or why her mind can't quiet down. I've given her the tools

I use but she says it doesn't work. Hmmm wonder why?? Thanks for your post.

You can certainly count on me. I'm from the old school, there's a time and a place :) xx

Luna_Child in reply to Agora1

Me too Agora1..I like the simple life myself.

Thank you for your answer and your support.

Xx hugs

This is easy for me, i would not miss any of this. My internet was down the other day as you know, and all i had was my housephone anyway. I hate technology (only because i don't understand it lol) I would rather talk on the phone than to text people :) xx

Yes, me too. In Jr and Sr High I had my own house phone number cell phones didn't exist, separate from my parents. I worked at 15 so I'd l would pay for my own phone. I'd be on it for hours upon hours. It was great. Good memories ☺️

Did you ever do "The Grapevine?" Some how a phone number would spread throughout the school. You would go home and call that number. Of course, with everyone calling the number the line was busy. But, here's how it worked. You would shout as soon as the buzz stopped. You shouted your home number and if you were lucky someone out there would hear the number and call you. No parents at home when you did this.

No never heard of it

I need it for work (work from home) but could do without it if I can still talk on the phone. My 14 year old daughter would curl up and die.

Yes you'd have your house phone.

Haha yea if I asked a bunch of teenagers this we all know where that conversation would go!😂

Have u thgt of spring flowers or buying yurself cards ??

((((((((( such a nice person))))))))))

It would be extremely difficult for me to do this. I love ❤️ my music 🎶, and the only

I can get music is thru my smart phone

or Lap top.

Luna_Child in reply to Shnookie

We had record players. We had no choice. Life back the was beautiful and simple.

Shnookie in reply to Luna_Child

With all due respect, life back then also had its drawbacks as well. Look at RBG and what she did for women's rights and gender equality and this was in the '70s. Yes I'm 62 and know about the days of enjoying listening to the record player and having a landline phone which I had as well until I needed to cut my budget. I believe that there R things that we can take from the past and things from today and live balanced lives. Also in the

late '60s when I was listening to my records at home in the San Fernando Valley, there was racial discord in many places in America. I don't mean to be a Debbie Downer. I was the sole caregiver for my beloved mom who had stage 4 pancreatic cancer from

9/2014 to 1/2016, when she passed away. The only basic things during that period of time was watch some TV, run errands and take care of my mom. I finally had to buy a smart phone during this period, because there were so many people that I needed to be in touch with. For me, music is a total escape which I need to listen to almost every day on my i phone.

Luna_Child in reply to Shnookie

Sure absolutely understand how valuable these techno gadgets are and again it's not to remove them from your life forever it's 3 days.

I do this once a year. I camp for a few days in isolation, but it’s an interesting question. Not sure how long I could do it for. I do remember the days before social media. Such different times

san_ray70 in reply to VDC1

We went on holiday, we do not take lap tops , at the time we had old mobiles. There was no conversation from most people because they were on their phones or laptops. My husband and I were glad that we are happy to talk to each other. To me a holiday is better without papers, television, or I.T.

Luna_Child in reply to san_ray70

Definitely. There's no need

Luna_Child in reply to VDC1

Wonderful times., Easy simple times, we talked and laughed not texted and emojed smiles

You would live without it if you had no choice.

I grew up without it they didn't exist. You'd find something to do. We were out having fun

I dislike technology.

Everybody jumps now when the phone or doorbell rings. Oh no I have to talk to someone. OMG what will I say?

Times were so much better , way back.

I grew up in the 60s and 70s. The best.

That's a yes from me, older generation and remember simpler times, even sitting on a bus and Striking up a conversation with someone seams so alien now as everyone has their face in their phones. Even just watching the world go by outside the window so much life just passing by. It makes me sad sometimes, I genuinely lost my best friend to her mobile phone when she became addicted to apps and sites the phone I'm sure became melded to her hand, she would check it constantly at night too, she became distant and uncommunicative. Sad reality. I see it as a modern complication, it has its uses like accessing this group but it's also very controlling. I could honestly go on for hours about how I see tech but I struggle to text. Suffice to say that putting it down, switching it off and walking into the wood is my idea of heaven. 😊

Luna_Child in reply to Lilishead

Yes I agree

It would be hard but now it sounds like an intriguing challenge, I will give it serious consideration.

Technology has really been at the root of so much that is dangerous and anxiety provoking in the world, especially for children. We are like primates with a shiny ball.

Thank you for such a great idea. This should be annual event!

Luna_Child in reply to dmt1121

It really should be a yearly event for the family. That's when you pull out the board games, take walks, do family activities, encourage communication in any form...etc..

These kids are growing up not knowing how to have a conversation. It's scary. They're going to run our country some day. Scary. I don't know what country you're in but example of president attempting to make speech and "Excuse me gentlemen and ladies of the USA I need to text my mom back "

dmt1121 in reply to Luna_Child

Never mind texting. How 'bout Tweeting!

Just realized there are a couple of problems wit his idea....I have no home phone and I need to use a computer for work. Have to wait for a three day weekend and only communicate with actual phone function. Lol.

Luna_Child in reply to dmt1121

Got it. Special circumstances

I'd definitely give it a try, I have a love/hate relationship with my stupid smartphone. Now we all need this gadget we never needed before!!!! And I am WAY too into it sometimes, looking up stupid stuff on YouTube when I could be doing a lot of other things. I don't mind texting sometimes but I like to talk on the phone too, I get annoyed if all a friend wants to do is text. About music however, these days the radio has become a rather ancient way to hear new music. If I want to hear something new and fresh I have to go to YouTube where they drop songs now. Some radio stations will play some newer songs but there's so much great stuff out there the radio will hardly ever play!!! And now CDs are on their way out, it's sad. And I have trouble focusing trying to read an actual book now, and I used to love to read!!! I think these phones can cause ADD, I really believe that, I see it happening to me.

Stupid smartphone! Love it. I call my phone that too. 😁

Phil-4-13 in reply to Phil-4-13

I have experienced that with reading too like my attention span just isn’t there anymore.

I fought the smartphone actually... had a dumb phone before... have been using iPhone for about a year. It is addicting but undeniably convenient.

You know if I were you before I disconnect I would get pen/paper and monitor monurol and its side effects coming off. It's supposed to decrease anxiety depression and increase good mental health.

It's worth a shot. ❤️🌈🤗❄️🌼🌻🌼

Xx hugs

Here for you always

I do because I honestly think when you get home from work you're on your computer playing games, ignoring your family, ignoring getting fresh air and exercise, ignoring your mail, not returning phone calls, ignoring your exercise routine etc...I think setting a doable, rational time aside during the work week and on the weekend is essential for good health. I grew up when cell phones did not exist. If the kids today didn't have computers , cell phones, game boys and whatever else there is, they would be outside doing what kids should be doing., playing, making mud pies, riding their bikes with friends, swimming, yes I do think it's a big pro toward good health and a creative mind. I'm not saying lose the techno altogether, I'm saying **limiting** it can add more positivity to that person, anyone, child, teen and adult.

Phil-4-13 in reply to Luna_Child

I agree technology can have a bad impact on health. Have you heard the suggestion of setting down the iPhone and avoiding screen time for a hour or two before bed in order to get more restful sleep? Staring at the screen is hard on the eyes and messes with your brain, makes it hard to settle down.

Since I cannot remember if this has ever happened to me, I think my anxiety would increase quite a bit. I think I'd get used to it happily, but then the technology would start up again and my happiness would wane. It would be a cruel tease and might mess with my mind. I'd like to do it for 5 days and see then what would happen.

I still use a MP3 player. This is old to the 20-30s, but I used buy cds every week, we learned how to pirate music and movies back in my 30s.. I have a crap ton of music and movies burned to cds. I am criminal of my past, I met my husband at work, he’s the one who influenced me. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

I found our purchased movie dvds when I moved recently, they’ve been boxed up in a closet. remember going to blockbuster? I’ve got those movies back out, have the DVD/CD player hooked up to.

Anyhoo, I need music in my hand and not attached to the internet. I use a Sandisk MP3 player, people look at me funny when I run at the park in what these younger folks thinks is dinasoar. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🌺💜🌺💜

Luna_Child in reply to RoxieDawn

I still have records and a record player speaking of Dinosaur's!! I have all my boxed DVD collection's of different TV shows. I even have some VHS now that's a wowzer!!

I have a hair appointment..ask me if I feel like it? Noooo. I'll never miss a hair appointment I'll crawl on my hands and knees!! I go every Friday for a blow out and every 6 for a root touch up.

Talk later for sure!! Have a wonderful day and enjoy the puzzles. 🤗🌈❤️🌻❄️




RoxieDawn in reply to Luna_Child

I get this completely. But you’ll feel better when it’s done.

I stopped coloring 8 years ago, went with 90% solid silver/grey I am now. I’ve been premature silver/grey since my early 40’s. I’m thankful it looks more like ash than grey. 😬😬😬😬

Before instant communication, people wrote letters to friends and loved ones. Some families did round robins. One member starts the letter and then mails it to the next relative. Each person would add to the letter. The letter stopped with the last relative on the list and that person would send the letter back to person who started it.

My family didn't do the round robin or much of anything else, but a cousin and I wrote. I remember how excited I would get when I had a letter in the mail. I also had a pen pal in Japan.

Anyone remember phone party lines. You had to share a phone with another household. It wasn't unusual to pick up your phone to make a call and you party line person was using the phone. You had to wait till the phone was available. There was a special combination of a number plus the shared number if wanted to call your party line person, (I think.)

Ah! Those were the days.

Yes I remember and you're right when you say those were the days!!!

I really miss people actually writing out letters rather than emails. Emails just aren't the same.

I still get a thrill on the off chance I get a letter from someone. I believe hand written letters, note, invitations etc will become collectibles in the future, maybe even now. I have letters sent to my grandmother when she was a child that are written in the most beautiful handwriting. I love looking at them, even the men wrote in what really is calligraphy. Have a great day.,

I agree. It's much more personalized where the paper or card was chosen, written in their own writing and personally mailed.

I use my phone a lot at work to help people visualize things better. But I do agree we are way too attached to them and other media. For me it’s a good gage of where of where I am in my depression. If I’m on my phone all the time look out! I get obsessive with google when I’m going downhill. I have to force myself away from it and too much tv as they make it worse. I’ve found I like listening to audiobooks a lot. I find reading myself is difficult because anxiety and depression affect my eyes. Audiobooks are free through our library and I’m enjoying it!

Thank you for sharing. Much appreciated Spinner1916. Iike to read my books I'm old fashioned that way

I order from the library next door or Amazon Prime. I don't like audiobook's because as I said Iike holding them. It's great living nextdoor to a library.

My basic question was how would you do mentally and emotionally off all techno for 3 days?

Enjoy your weekend!


It would be hard but the I think I could do it especially on my days off. I don’t know how the strange symbols got in my message! I certainly didn’t type them!

What strange symbols? From this end I see no strange symbols. What are the symbols?

I just looked again. They are gone. Someone must have caught it.

How could it not?

Wow. Good topic. I miss landline phones. While you were on the phone and someone called it was busy. No call waiting.

You could take it off the hook, if you wanted to get some peace. Take me back to cassette tape and reading real paper book and a good old fashioned newspaper.

Yes I despise call waiting and what's even more rude I'd the person picks up to say hello! That's crawls further up. Lol. And you had at the most 2 phones

I would never do it. I don't have a land line. Need to be available for my family at all times.

Luna_Child in reply to Dolphin14

Yes me too.

I had a landline that comes free with any cable co. I need to be available too. Lest you guys had a choice where's we did not years ago we had no choice unless a cop came Knocking of your neighbor had your phone #. Imagine having no choice

Dolphin14 in reply to Luna_Child

Yes I have the free land line but no phone jacks in my house.

I'm grateful we have the technology today to be available to our friends and family. It's comforting to me.

Luna_Child in reply to Dolphin14

Yes. That's good. Can't they out an extra jack in?

Dolphin14 in reply to Luna_Child

No those were taken out on purpose during a remodel. I don't want the hassle of a landline.

Ive had many sick family members. I want the cell phone near me at all times for immediate contact. I would never leave my phone off or not have it with me.

I think it depends on what your life is like etc. For me it would be anxiety producing to not have it.

It’d be the 💀 of me

Luna_Child in reply to Kainan_li

Oh no not the death of you

Everything will still be the same. Tell me the reason you would want to shut out the world? That is not a good idea.

If I turned tecno which I'd my cell off for 3 days you're saying I'd be shutting my world out? I don't believe that give true at all. This was my point exactly by asking the question survivorship without the phone or technogadgets for 3 days.

My world would absolutely not change one bit if anything I'd be less stressed.

Thank you fir everyone who shared and participated.

Have a great weekend!



I am stunned that this post got this many replies. The original question was do you think you could lady 3 days giving up your phone and all your techno gadgets?

Years ago you had no choice and computers and cell phones were not heard of. A lot of people reacted like they were going to be taken forever. It was 3 days. That's all. Most people freaked. I have elderly parents. I would or use my landline.

I phoned up my network provider to tell them I bought a new phone and wanted the same number. Little did I know after contacted them they cut me off then sent a SIM card , two days I waited and before i say this I have been through withdrawal and I swear I was suffering withdrawl. I couldn't rest I kept picking up my iPhone which was dying cause I could charge it anymore. Or was the longest two days I can remember.

There is something addictive about being online. Like your cut off from society. I am a loner anyways so I felt it worse than most.

I could communicate I could watch my usual YouTube people I like to listen to it was nasty. I will make sure I have something to occupy me next time. Get all my ducks in a row. I use this phone to do so much now it a part of me. I buy utilities I lend money to family. I use if for counting to remind me of appointments so so much , getting foods clothes. Today people really don't need to go out and with this Pandemic so much will be learnt to cut people off going to doctor or many things really. This is why it's important to excercise or keep busy cause you can find yourself sitting 24/7 . If your working from home which I think many businesses will let us. We'llbe sitting Around all day.

I think the people who would miss their phones belong to the most channels such as Facebook, Instagram and other chat rooms. I am an introvert and would welcome saying goodbye to my phone for 3 days. I keep my ringer off always and can talk with my parents the usual 3x daily from my house phone or driving over which is 2 minutes by car.

I am only on here, another place and Pinterest. I would be just fine.

So my question literally did make some folks extremely nervous like they were saying goodbye for life.

A small portion of folks thought they would do just fine for 3 days.

I am stunned that this question raised over 75 reactions.

Thank you to everyone who participated in my question and answer post on technology. Everyone had something interesting to share. Everyone seemed very honest and the really good news is that you can tuck your phone in bed beside you tonight and no worries I won't be climbing in to get it. Lol

Thank you very much for sharing your perspectives.

Have a great weekend 🌻🎃🌈😎🦌🎅🤶🌻❤️

It's fantastic !!!!!!!!

I did it in March, when virus hit i was in Hawaii. The videos people were making with tubes and IV's and sick and scared and trump. I just couldn't cope with the fear.

I'm still not on social media at all anymore. I do miss my friends silly stuff but not the bullshit. I just started getting back on my phone for emails mostly.

I highly recommend it. Do you. Be you. Find a great hobby. FT

I hike, make fermented crazy stuff, dehydrate anything, make tinctures with herbs, AND ONLY WATCH A Netflix Hulu and Prime tv, no news no commercials. F corporate corruption I'm not giving one more rapist my money, not one piece of plastic or crap will i ever buy again. Stop supporting corrupt corporations. Do you. DIY. Find peace in hobbies you enjoy.

Best wishes and good luck. AND VOTE. PLEASE VOTE. In 2016 voting places were shut down with yellow police tape when we were in line to vote, we didn't understand why we couldn't vote but accepted it like good little rats running on our wheel to pay for rich people's golden lifestyles. PLEASE VOTE.

Thank you for sharing such an amazing story.

Not a problem at all! I have isolated myself from social media so far that I don’t think anyone knows how or where I am. It’s nice sometimes not being followed or directed by my social media habits. I’m old school so I am another example of generational differences.

Luna_Child in reply to Puzzled57

Yes it's more peaceful that way. I only belong here and another place which is a hobby site so go speak it's not social media. I don't do any of it. If I want to talk to someone I have their phone number

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