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Antidepressant: Has anyone tried Fluoxetine?


Fluoxetine is also known as “Prozac”. This medication is for Depression. This will be the third antidepressant, I am going to be trying. I tried Sertraline and Citalopram before. Sertraline worsened my depression drastically. And I feel as if Citalopram made me more anxious and I had no appetite even though I felt hungry.

I will be starting on the lowest dosage. Which is 10mg everyday. So, I just want to get some input on how Fluoxetine worked for other people. Thanks in advance.

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I’ve taken Fluoxetine in the past for many years and it worked fine. I weaned myself off because I felt as though I didn’t need it anymore. I had been off for about 5 years and just recently started taking it a month ago. I did have some side effects at first such as a slight increase of anxiety but it wore off and now I can tell it’s working again. It had to be increased to 40mg before I could feel the difference but that doesn’t mean you need more than what you’re taking. It does take about 4-6 weeks to take affect sometimes. My appetite was decreased for a little while also.

Jessica1219 in reply to Grady80

My psychiatrist wants to put me on Fluoxetine because she thinks it will give me an energy booster because I sleep an unhealthy amount. I sleep a lot. Also, the antidepressant I am on now, Citalopram, makes me hungry but I also have no appetite so I could go days without eating. Which is not good obviously. So she’s hoping Fluoxetine with increase my appetite.

I just want something to work already. I feel like nothings working out.

Grady80 in reply to Jessica1219

I do have more motivation on it as well. And usually when medicine works your appetite improves. I hope it works for you, if you decide to try it. It takes time to get adjusted to it and to find the dosage that works for you. But from my experience when it started working I was relieved.

After trying many antidepressants, Prozac was finally the one that works for me. I take 40 mg with no side effects. It did take 6-8 weeks to kick in however as many SSRIs do.

Many years ago I was put on Prozac as my first medication for depression (I don't remember the dosage).

It took about two weeks before it started to work although in that two weeks I was extremely tired and didn't have much of an appeitite.

After the two weeks I felt like a new person. I was once again enjoying life and getting out of the house and doing things. My appetite came back and the tiredness went away.

The only thing I didn't like about it was many times I felt as if I had no emotions. Things I would normally cry about I didn't. It was as if that emotional switch had been turned off. It wasn't all bad, but it didn't feel right.

I was on Prozac for several years and it helped me enormously. I eventually went off of it as I didn't want to be on an antidepressant for the rest of my life. I did alright for several years without any antidepressants, but eventually I had to go back on another antidepressant.

Of the 3 total antidepressants I have been on, Prozac did the most for me.

I wish you all the best taking Prozac.

The first time I was on this drug I was on 10mg daily. The first week was very tough as you tend to "dip" before before you rise from a mood perspective. I have not found it affecting either sleep or appetite personally - but I've generally slept well and always had a slightly over-healthy appetite.

I found it improved the quality of my sleep but not the duration - and that I was more energetic and able to deal with anxieties. In fact I started to go to the gym for the first time in decades at about the same time - a habit I have since continued to this day (nobody is more surprised than me about this!)

So Its been great for me. After 3 years I weaned myself off it - and I was then fine for about 4-5 years without. Recently I've struggled as Covid effects basically killed my income. I felt the need to go back on it again. The initial week on it was as awful as before. After that 10mg per day improved things a little but not as much as before - so I have elevated to 20mg a day with agreement from my physician and now feel fine despite what the world is throwing at me.

Good luck with it - if it works for you it is a great drug for as long as you need it. I intend to stay on it until my life is more stable and then wean myself off it slowly like last time. My advice is to really take time over that process when the moment comes. I did it very slowly indeed - over 3 months!

Hi Jessica

What everyone has said has been true for me aswell. It takes 4-8 weeks to work and my anxiety got worse before it got better. There were no side side effects and I was on 20mg. I came of it when I was well but took them again when I needed them.

I have been on and off Prozac for years. Have tried others in the past but they did not suit me personally. Prozac works tremendously for me. 20 mg a day. It does slightly numb my emotions. That’s what I need though, a break from my emotions for a short while, as it gets exhausting. All the best to you.

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