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Happy Birthday to My Fur Baby ❤️

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Happy Birthday Kaia Rose who turns 9 today. I could never let this day go by without celebrating her life and what amazing things she has done for mine. If you own a pet, need I say more?

9 years ago, I lost 2 of my Shih Tzu within 6 months, without notice, without knowing seeing any signs of distress. One 8 years, one 6 months old, both female. Needless to say I was devastated and depressed. I had 2 fur boys and "needed" a fur girl. Walking my fur boys daily I'd walk them and (not promoting religion) I'd pray as I walked by the church up the street to be sent a girl. The 3rd day I walked by with my boys I saw a sign on the post outside the church, 2 male, 2 female Shih Tzu for sale. I pulled out my phone, called, 1 female left, I sprang into action. After bringing my fur boys in the house, I flew around the corner, and met my new little fur baby, I named Kaia Rose.

She's my best friend, she knows when I'm not feeling well and when I'm sad. She brings me joy and smiles everyday.

She's by my side everyday. She loves people and is very kind to anyone she meets on daily walks. Her wardrobe far exceeds mine.

She's the sweetest little fur girl who turns 9 today.

I love you my little peanut, Kaia-Rose 🌹my best friend, my high jumper when I walk through the door, who's full of licks and wags.




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Happy Birthday dear Kaia-Rose🌹

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Luna_Child in reply to kleelibby

Thank you!

Woof 🐾❤️

Happy Birthday Kaia-Rose and good morning to Luna xx

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Luna_Child in reply to mydogs

Thank you! Good morning 😊




I hope she gets new toys today:)

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Luna_Child in reply to Dolphin14

Oh yes she got toys and treats yesterday! ❤️🐾

Happy birthday cutie pie

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Luna_Child in reply to Dogmad600

Thank you!🐾❤️


Happy Birthday Kaia-Rose 🎂

I hope you are okay aswell xx ❤

Woof 🐾🐾❤️

Thank you!


(I'm really good ..when you put the last bag of trash out it's the best feeling)

I am really pleased that you are good ❤

Thanks to you 😊

Happy Birthday Kaia-Rose!🌹

(This is the sweetest post!❤❤❤)

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Luna_Child in reply to Otaku12

Aww thank you,😊🐾❤️

Kaia-Rose sends wags and woofs

Happy Birthday to one adorable looking pup and best friend!

Thank you. She's quite the little girl. 🐾❤️

She's a canine version of our very spoilt ginger tabby cat called Baby who is 16 and gets birthday parties!

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Luna_Child in reply to

Cute! Kaia 🌹 Rose had a birthday party last night with her 2 sibs. Treats, toys. lots of wags ,woofs & kisses 🐾❤️

in reply to Luna_Child

So you have 3 dogs then?

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Luna_Child in reply to

Yes 3 Shih Tzu. A puppy named Holly who'll be 5 months tomorrow and a boy named Brady who is 3. The puppy can be seen under my post labeled my puppy's being spay etc..she's sweet as ever and like a jumping bean on caffeine. We've always had 3 at once so we've had 8 on total.

Woofs & Wags


in reply to Luna_Child

They're nice little dogs aren't they?

We just have Baby as she needs to be an only cat due to being spoilt since she was a kitten!

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Luna_Child in reply to

They are wonderful dogs. They're lap dog's. That's all we've had. Shih Tzu and yes any pet you have must be spoiled. 🐾❤️🐾❤️

Their wardrobe is better and bigger than mine since I was placed on disability I no longer need work clothes and donated them all. They have 3 full drawers. I've never gotten rid of any pet clothing. I can't yet.

Happy Birthday to that sweet face!

Aww thank you. She's a love and a very sweet dog. She's always next to me and follows me everywhere. She'll throw her body against mine if anyone comes near me inc her siblings.

Woofs & Wags,


I have a fur baby too. She is a joy.

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Luna_Child in reply to

I know you do ❤️🐾. Aren't they the best..stupid question! ❤️🐾They are all such joys. They are my reason to get up in the morning..

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