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Tomorrow is getting brighter and today was great.


It's been a week or two since I posted these last two weeks have been great. My wife has been over and spent the last two weeks together having fun and laughing like we use to.

My anger and hurt have raised their head a couple times. I have been able to get them under control using a breathing meditation and remembering to be in this moment and time, something I read from the great folks on here. I haven't had panic attack or thrown up since the first couple days of being on my meds. They allow to not spin out of control in my head about yesterday or tomorrow. Probably one of the best things I've done is to join this group. The fact that I can read your posts and responses is like being in school and being afraid to ask a question and feel dumb. Then someone else asks the question and I'm like me too. Thank you all for your time and support. I am always available to chat or text with any one. I have two big ears and semi large shoulders. I am and will always be indebted to you all. Thank you, Jerry

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Hi Jerry :) It's always so nice to hear how positive this forum is for so many.

I too use Meditation and my Breathing each and every day. It keeps me in a peaceful

and calm state. No matter what comes up, know that you too can handle it.

You have found the key to stress. I see you going forward now. Stay Happy :) xx

Forward, forward on forward, a new mantra. Yes I am feeling good about things and taking each day and moment as it comes. Thank you so much for your support and your most valuable commodity time.

I'm so glad you had a good time with your wife and found ways to deal with your anger. Bravo! Don't ever feel a question is "too dumb" to ask. There's no such thing. Meditation helps me a lot


Thank you and I so appreciate your feedback. I am beginning to open up a bit, being from my generation makes me feel like I have to be strong and secure at all times, but I am finding out that is part of what got me here, that's okay to cry and talk about things and between counselors and this forum I am finding that strength as well.

It's always okay to cry it's an expression of feeling hurt. What generation are you from? People from my generation didn't expres themselves either. I'm a baby boomer..57 years old

53 years young, my dad, was Vietnam vet, men did not cry. He married my mom and adopted me when I was six months old, never met my biological father, and he was a little tough on me. That is one of the things I had such a hard time dealing with when I couldn't work any longer. Trying to get all this straightened out takes time and work but I am putting it in.

Never saw my dad or brother cry until my brother died on a Motorcycle. He didn't cry through the preparation process, the wake or funeral however after focusing to give my brother beautiful services It all came out. All day, everyday. It's ok. Let it out. Crying shows the courage you have as a man. My dad to me has always been and is still my hero. He was a in the reserves as a Seargent for 27 years.

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