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Good Still Exists ----Just Look in Your Pet's Eye's.

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All I have to look at is my 3 fur babies paws and I know my life is complete. ,🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾. I know my life is good. Without them, my depression and anxiety would be so much worse. ❀️❀️❀️

I'm sure there are lots of pet owners here who agree. Tell me about your pet or share a picture.

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I'm not sure how to attach a picture but we have four dachshunds at home. My one in particular Zeus (who just turned seven yesterday! <3 ) has kept me/ been the factor that has stopped me from taking my own life on a few occasions. He always is by my side regardless of how much attention I give him, he's very loyal but above all even when I am having a harder day I know I can always look over and remember the unconditional love he has for me. And that I have for him. He just has a special place in my heart... everything happens for a reason and I am thankful that he came into my life when he did because my fur baby has given me the world and has helped me find myself.

Yes I hear you. My 3 are by my side thankfully and have made a difference in my life. Love unconditionally. They love me no matter what.

I'd love to see a picture

I'm not sure how to attach just a picture either and I see people doing it all the time

I don't know I would look it up. I know you can do it when you first post.

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Unfortunately pictures can't be added to an ongoing thread. Links can, but not pictures from your camera.

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Thank you

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Any time. It is a shame that pictures can't be added throughout, isn't it?

Glad to hear Holly is doing well!

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Thanks πŸ‘. She is back to her rambunctious little self. I'm trying to keep her calmer., she's playing which is good and her stitches look good but she gets puppy crazy

I have 3 fur babies as well. And they really do help keep me balanced. And when they look at me lovingly I know I have to fight to be okay because they depend on me

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I hear you. I have 3 Shih Tzu and one Is a puppy. They are the best. They are the best little cuddlers

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