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Take a Lesson About Life From Your Pet 🐾🐾🐾

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There are so many studies done about pets doing so many positive things for us besides giving us love unconditionally..lowering our blood pressure, lowering anxiety, reducing panic attacks, improving symptoms of depression, because they are there for us and love us unconditionally this is the result.

Pet's also behave in certain ways we need to adopt more of.

I'm posting this post however I'm replacing the word "DOG" with "PET" as not everyone has a dog and gets the same result by a different animal etc..

Enjoy the read πŸΎπŸ¦‹

26 Replies

I cant imagine life without owning ❀️ dogs. 🐾🐾🐾

Beautiful. Thank you (and your dogs) for making my day

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Aww, you're welcome πŸŒžπŸ¦‹

I'm glad I made your day! That's kind of you to say.

Love this post, thank you x

Thank you for reading!🌞

Hello Luna_Child

Thank you!! Such amazing and beautiful quotes, all eighteen. Eighteen reasons we should all love our furry friends as they love us.

If l may add one point, I have never found a furry friend who was not intelligent! They teach us lessons every day, tolerance, unquestionable love, unbelievable love.

They are the most amazing creatures on this planet, l really feel this to be a fact.

If only humans could adopt fifty percent of the points mentioned above (including the digging one) this world would be a far better place that we find ourselves in now.

If l could wish for just one thing more and that is they were able to stay with us much longer than the fourteen or so years.

Losing your β€˜baby’ is always too soon!

Best wishes, stay safe, Tim.

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Thank you, you also!🌞

Tell me about your dog!

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Thank you for asking! I have 3 Shih Tzu..I've had 8 throughout my adulthood. Currently, I have 2 female one @ 9 years & @ 4 1/2 months and a male at 3. They are so loving.

I love my doggy. She always knows when I'm upset and comes to me with sweet nuzzles. I have depression problems, she does not cure,but lifts me up for a while.

I know right! They know when we feel down...they just give and give love🐾❀️

I have what a friend calls a "god dog." The time had come for me to release my precious dog Lilboy. I walked into the SPCA holding him and sobbing. After he had left, I went to the front of the building to call a cab. As my friend and I were waiting, a woman drove up, parked her car and got out. As she walking to the building she had a dog that almost took my breath away. This dog had the same coloring and the same body marking like a white goatee and a tail that curled up over his back and more. I said to myself, " Look what Lilboy sent me."

I had told myself that I was not going to get another dog. I didn't believe it but said it anyway. I held this new dog for a short time and found myself saying ," I'll take him." In the moment, all the sadness left me. I was afraid to go home and have no one to welcome me. I knew it would be lonely time day after day. I named him Babyboy. He is with me all the time. When I am watching TV he is right by me. It's been almost 3 years I have had him. I still cry over Lilboy but the feeling of loneliness is gone. I just love this critter so much. Pets are the best therapist.

I've said to many people I always wanted someone to be excited when I came home. I just didn't it would be on four legs.

I hope everyone has a great day.

A beautiful love story 🐾❀️

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footgo in reply to texasbonnet

A very good morning to you texasbonnet

Thank you for a beautiful story about your furry friends. Very touching.

Our very dear rescue furry friend passed away on the 28 December last year. We talked about finding another friend for my wife and myself but felt that we wanted time to mourn our loss.

My wife was looking on her computer unbeknown to me and said that she had something for me to see, well there was this picture of a tiny scruffy fur-ball. She looked so terribly sad and alone, enough said! My wife telephoned the breeder, they sounded genuine breeders (not a farm breeder). They were about two and a half hours away so off we went saying to each other, what are we doing? We honestly could not believe it.

To cut a very long story, it turned out this poor little pup probably was farm bred. We just could not walk away and leave this baby. We took her to the vet for a check-up and were told that she probably was not from a registered dog breeder.

That was six months ago, she has settled into her forever home so well. The odd thing is she has so many habits and ways of our little lost furry friend, who we will miss forever but believe that she had something to do with us rescuing this now beautiful friend. There are just too many pointers.

Take care of yourself, best wishes, Tim.

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I am happy for that little fur ball and for the 2 of you. I strongly believe your former dog had everything in the world to do you ending up with the little puppy. Rescues make the best pets.

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We both do believe this fact. Too much happened to put everything down to a coincidence and just brush aside the facts.

4 legs! Yes they are angels




My little pug angel is a gift from God. She listens very well and I am so grateful for her.

Dogs are a blessing.

They are 🐾🐾🌞

We are getting a new Corgi pup in a week. So excited. Lost 2 doggies in 3 yrs, but looking forward. They come for a little time and leave paw prints on our heart.🐾

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Enjoy your new puppy. 🐾🐾❀️❀️

How exciting!❀️. Yes I know about the loss it's heartbreaking. I have 3 dog's now ones a pup.

Congratulations 🐾❀️

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