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Anxiety while in University. Worried

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Today ai’m not feeling well since I had to have a vaccine for chickenpox, since is required for my curriculum; I’m having a few side effects and was told if it continues I need to visit the emergency room. Personally, I’m a little scare of going and to continue feeling like this. Adding to that, dealing with homework, my daughter and my husband is horrible. Not sure if I’m having a panic attack or part of the vaccine side effects .

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Yes life get difficult. Did you ask about side affects from the shot? They should wear off soon, or if need be go to the emergency you need peace of mind. If your family are not supportive, ignore them, you need to feel well. Talk to us, we feel for you, will offer support and love, sending you peace, love and big hugs.......

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Thank you so much for those words. And yes, I talked to the nurse that gave me the shot. I think there disappearing a little. You guys are better to talk to than my family... it’s sad feeling alone even do you live with someone.

That happens to a lot of people who get vaccinations. My son stopped getting flu shots because he would get the symptoms of the flu right after and feel horrible. I haven't had the flu since March, 1980 and I've never had a flu shot. But, I'm not surprised that you felt a bad effect from it. It never hurts to mention that to your doctor! Just in case. I hope you feel better soon!

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Jfb007 in reply to Ladybug9

Thank you for your words; Vaccination is a controversy thing to talk about. I’m studying to be a nurse, for me is required at all times. I talked to the nurse that gave me the vaccine and told me that the symptoms shouldn’t last long. So glad today I’m feeling so much better.

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Ladybug9 in reply to Jfb007

I'm so happy to hear that you are feeling better!!

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