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What is the most annoying things friends and family can do, and please explain why🙏

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Hey to all of my wonder great people out there i truly hope that you guys are staying safe happy and blessed. I had a friend a while back, and he was cheating on his girlfriend, but he use to always, tell his lady that he would be hanging out with me at a game or playing basketball. One day his woman came to my home looking for, him he told her earlier that day that he was at my home but that was not true. I eventually stop talikng to him because he was geting me caught up, in the mix with that drama in his life and i wanted know part of it. I hate going to the movies with my cousin she talks threw the entire movie😂😂😂, i think that is so rude. One of my buddies chews gum really loud and smacks thats just so annoying to me. I hate when people pop up at my home unannounced about three months ago my cousin left her boyfriend, and came straight to my home without calling she knew that i would let her stay because im too nice and to sensitive sometimes, thats my down fall. I was watching a really good interesting game last week and my friend just turned the channel i made him leave after that happen. I have a friend everytime that we have a conversation over the phone hes talking to someone else in the background. I hate when i let friends or family borrow things, and they dont want to return it. Sometimes when my buddie is at my home and if his phone would, go dead he would ask to use mine, and take forever with it, and run my battery down, i hate that. What is the most annoying things friends, and family can do, and please explain why. Leave me a comment, and lets get the conversation going. God bless you all✌

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I have to say that I am truly blessed to have family AND friends who understand all of my mental and physical ailments. It was my ex's that gave me the most grief as well as the kids and teachers while growing up. I was bullied for years, beaten up, degraded, even by a teacher, and that type of thing. I had an ex tell me I would never amount to anything. We are no longer together for obvious reasons. However, for unknown reasons, I stay friends with him. I do have a friend that cannot let anything go even if it's all in "her mind"... I may have said something to upset her years ago and she still brings it up to this day. We stopped talking about 2 years ago and now she is calling me again while drunk. And here we go again! I have a hard time not forgiving now that I'm older but if I could speak to those kids and those teachers from years ago....

That's all.


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Hey Ladybug9 and thank you so much for you reply. Im so sorry about the situation with your ex and the ignorant low down teacher thats just so horrible and outrageous for a student to go threw some heartbreaking crap like that to be abused by a teacher im ever so sorry im really sad hearing that. I know how you feel about a friend that cannot let things go i definitely can relate. I also had a friend that drinks all the time it just got to the point were i didn't even want to be around him it was really draining.

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Ladybug9 in reply to Mratl83

I'm glad you understand. I grew up with alcoholic parents and (are you sitting down?) 13 step dads, all who drank also. My mom always needed a drinking partner. So, I get very anxious when speaking with someone who is completely different once the drink is involved. My mom was actually married 18 times. But, 3 times to one man and 2 times to another which counts for the 18. I didn't meet my dad until I was 13. He left when I was about 2 I believe. Thank you for your very kind words.

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Well im so sorry about your upbringing thats tough for any kid to experience. If only some parents knew what they put there kids threw. Well you stay strong god is with you. You cannot change your heartbreaking past but you can try your best to make a better future you are a great person despite what your parents did they surly did do a great job raising an amazing person like you.

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Ladybug9 in reply to Mratl83

Thank you for such kind words. I have to give all the credit to my Grama who raised me for most of my life. I miss her so very much. She loved me unconditionally! The order I put importance? God, Family, Friends... God is good all the time and all the time God is good!

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oh my goodness.....13 step dads,and mum married 18 times,i would be traumatised....awful for you growing up in that atmosphere.x

For me these days, it's my dad. He is close to 80 now. I've never gotten along with my dad very well, now he's becoming really creepy. He still smokes even though he definitely has emphysema and he sits around for a long time coughing and hacking and spitting. He doesn't have any friends anymore because his personality just sucks. He likes to walk through the house and slam doors and slam his desk drawers and likes just cold silence all the time, unless he's watching CNN. I stay away from him, wouldn't touch him with a ten foot pole and I never want to give him a hug ever. And I really wish it was different but this is the creep he chooses to be. I have 2 sisters and never had a brother, and my dad behaving like this, I mean, since he's sort of my intro to how men are, I believe it's made me so wary and untrusting when I've tried to have relationships with men. I don't think some dads realize how much their behavior influences their daughters in terms of when they step out and start dating guys and how you learn as a female to interact with men. Now granted, there's some guys who are predators that you have to watch out for, but I have trouble figuring out who's someone out to get me and who's someone who genuinely likes me and would just like to get to know me better. Didn't mean to get into all of that, but I hope this can be a safe space where I can share where I'm coming from. Thanks for listening. ☺

Well you know i love talking to you i love hearing you out. You can feel safe and talk to me about anything i will never turn my back. Im ever so sorry to hear about the relationship with your dad i agree sometimes dad behavior can definitely have an negative impact on how his, daughter feel about men. Sometimes its really annoying that people can be so selfish and only think about themselfs. I totally understand why you and others dont want to be around him. Hes to set in his on ways.

Thanks, you're all right with me. I'm actually about to turn 50 soon and I am single after being with someone for 20 years. I dont have kids, I'm trying to get my life together and I just feel constantly at rock bottom. I need to work on myself to feel better about myself. Don't believe that just because someone's older that they don't feel lost sometimes too. Thank you for your great posts.

Well you are still a young lady you have many more great years ahead of you. Well whatever you are trying to do you will definitely, accomplish it, i always say god made us has tough strong warriors, and we were built to overcome any obstacles. You will make it and you will secede. Thanks for your complement on my post that just warms my heart.

I would say it is that often many things may be wrong with you but they are the last to believe you are not well. There are many reasons for this such as jealousy as well as they just don't see you having lost a leg or arm and therefore see you as well. Don't try to convince them it does no good. Know yourself and if you have to talk to somebody. Talk to God he is a great listener and will always stand by you forgiving your sins past, present and future. All you need do is admit you have sinned. We all have you know. Then accept the fact that his Son Jesus died for your sins. You will find a sense of peace that cannot be described as you will have nothing to prove to anyone.

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Mratl83 in reply to utep99

Thanks for those words of advice i really, appreciate that.

oh my goodness,where do i start. So many things annoy me,and as for someone switching channels in my home,i would be livid.I hate people phoning and talking about their problems constantly,and not even asking how i'm doing.

I abhor people coming to see me and they are forever messing with their phone,its so rude.

I hate people visiting and i end up feeding them and giving them drinks,and they never ever bring anything to share themselves.

I loath people who make a noise when eating.

I have a rule if anyone pops in to see me,the TV is switched off immediately.

Unlike you though i like people dropping by as long as they have good manners and common courtesy.

i could go on and on.

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Mratl83 in reply to secrets22

Hello there my dear friend you made some, excellent legitimate points i absolutely understand everything that you said. That is very annoying i totally agree with you that have happened to me before, i walked away from the tv, and when i returned someone switched the channel. That also happened to me several times i have literally received phone calls from individuals and before asking how am i doing they jumped right into there problems and start telling me about them. Yes indeed i have a aunt just like that when she comes to visit she always have her hands out eating and drinking everything but she never brings me anything, and never asked.

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