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What are some of your biggest dreams that you want to accomplish, and please explain why🙏


Hey to all of my wonderful great people out there i truly hope that you guys are staying safe happy and blessed. Most of the people who i have spoken to on here know that im all alone, isolated from the world, i dont have that many friends, im 36 now but in my 20s i was betrayed and hurt so badly, by the people who i called friends, it changed me for the worse. Im afraid to trust people im, afraid to let people in my home. Since im so isolated from the world im really sad alot. Im more happier, when im at work and around my parents. Im not going to let anxiety, win i will keep fighting and keep fighting untile i overcome my obstacles. God made us as strong people, we were born to fight any difficult situations. Thats my dream to, defeat my anxiety and be happy again. I love to work i have been working ever sense is was 16, my dream is to own, my on business by the time im 45. I know its going to be tough traveling down that road, but i will make it. I just want to fall in love i have the dream of walking and holding hands with a woman in the park, talking on the phone all the time. Going sightseeing and traveling the world. Im single with know kids i just want to settle down and start a family. I think that would really, help my anxiety alot i love women and i love being around women. I just want what my parents have which is, unconditional love. What are your biggest dreams that you want to accomplish, and please explain why. Leave me, a comment and lets get the conversation going. God bless you all✌

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Be bebt free.. Have a baby ... Enjoy life :)

Mratl83 in reply to Mia898

That sounds like a great idea to me.

Mia898 in reply to Mratl83

Not sure if the baby one is possible easier said than done.

Mratl83 in reply to Mia898

I agree with you having a kid definitely not extremely easy. If i ever have kids i will try my best to be the best provider for my wife and kids.

Man I just got on this site the other day and I see you pumping out the positivity.

Trying to brighten everyone’s day.

You deserve every moment of peace that comes your way my dude.

People like you keep people like me driven to succeed through this.

Thank you for being you whoever you are.

Mratl83 in reply to Pittiedad9

Thank you so much that really warms my heart im so glad that i touched you. You literally brought tears to my eyes.

Right?? That's what I'm saying. He comes up on here and changes my outlook in one day 😄 very upbeat and positive.

That's precious, you want to be in love and have kids and do great n fun things with your family ♥️ good man. You will totally find it all! I believe you will get what you are looking for.

As for me, I want to be able to be independent and work on myself and do things that I want to do; such as: learning to play the drums n guitar, making art, traveling, meeting new people, owning my own business, getting a few animals, possibly having another child, and so much more! Just straight up creating and growing into all I want to be a human being 🙏🌱

Hey friend i agree with everything that you said. I really love all of your selections. I always wanted to play the drums and a guitar myself, the only thing that i can play is basketball😂😂😂. I dont have any animals but i love them to pieces. Yeah traveling is definitely on my agenda for future. I want to leave the US, and go to another country.

Hahah! I love basketball, that and soccer are the sports I like to play. Played soccer for 4 years when I was younger, but never got into the basketball team because I was too nervous to try out 😁

Going to another country is def on my list too! I want to travel all around Europe. So many places to go! Oh! I forgot to mention charity work. This is something I want to do but haven't had the courage to go out and do it. I worked for forgotten harvest when I was 23 for a bit, and ever since I wanted to do more. We as people should always pass the love and help others.

Hi Mratl83!

What type of business do you want to own? I hope you find your partner in life soon! You are so sweet and kind that any women will be lucky to be with you.

My dream is to be free of illness, anxiety and depression. Just to be able to get up in the morning and plan things and then enjoy life while doing them.

Take care!

Mratl83 in reply to SadMommy

Hey SadMommy and thank you so much for your, response and thank you ever so much for your, complement on my post and your heartwarming encouragement i really appreciate that. Im sorry to hear about your illness, anxiety and depression that breaks my heart to hear. I pray to god that you will, overcome your, illness and your anxiety and depression. Yeah my dream is to own my on Construction Company.

Try cosplay, dance on the street, get myself a few piercings cos literally everything fun is scandalous here in my area. Long term, by age forty; I wanna sit at the big table with the big boys discussing politics and business. Best for last, become a psychologist. Basically, aid people overcome the hurdles of life.

Mratl83 in reply to Myre

Hey Myre and thank you so much for your response. I really love your dream choice. I love talking politics with some of my friends every now and then. I love that you want to get in the psychologist field helping others out thats fantastic god bless your heart. But i cannot agree with you on danceing i move like a cartoon robot, on the jetsons😂😂😂

Hillarious image, I would like to see!

😄😄 . Your positivity and constantly encouraging feed back is admirable. God bless your heart right back dude. Best of wishes.

Mratl83 in reply to Myre

Well thanks alot my friend i really appreciate that. Im always here if you want to talk.

God has blessed me 2 accomplish everything & more that I set out to do. I now just want to b delivered from A&D & b truly happy. 🙏🏾

Mratl83 in reply to Bluetj

Amen im so proud for you thanks for sharing the good news.

I literally have that same dream. Find a partner. Go for walks in the park. Spend time on the beach. Go on hikes. Talking all the while. Travel around the world. Dine at a little European restaurant on a cliff outside overlooking the ocean during the afternoon sunset with two glasses of wine, even though I don’t drink

Mratl83 in reply to Kainan_li

Wow bro its so good that we think alot alike thats great. Yeah man life can get really lonely sometimes i wish i had me a good loyal woman who i can trust. That sounds like a great idea European restaurant i bet there food is awesome to. I really hope that you find that right partner bro you are a good guy.

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