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Hard to be patient... fear


It’s getting harder to be patient even if I’m a calm person. I’ve been going through PAWS (post acute withdrawals) from Lexapro and a relapsed depression. I lost my professional work. I know I’m a lot better now but I sometimes have a difficult time to contain my fear

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Yes, the patience to deal with your situation is difficult. That feeling of no control is getting old, isn't it. I don't know if you I've in an area where you are being encouraged to stay home due to the virus, but are you leaving the house occasionally just to walk your neighborhood while keeping a social distance from your neighbors? What have you used previously to help? Are you able to chat with anyone by phone so you hear a live voice? At times that has helped me. Was advised by my MD to do something every miutes. Then something every 15 minutes. and so on. That helps me. But I don't include housework in that 15 minutes. :)

NiBa5 in reply to lawdog

Thank you for your response. Truly appreciated it.

Yes.... a feeling of no control in my brain. I’m a pretty patient person in general but it’s still hard.

I have a friend who is checking on me almost everyday. I go grocery shopping. I make meals 2 or 3 times a day for me. I like what your doc says ... to do something every 15 mins.

I’m in the area where our governor saying to stay home but it’s not so strict.

How are you doing? I hope you’re doing ok in this stressful time.

lawdog in reply to NiBa5

Thanks for asking. Yep, I defintely have my days too. Today I decided to reach out here, as other "worries" have been taking to much from me. Decided just to stop that for a bit. So, my 15 minute attention is spent here. So good to see I am not the only one but we are all making it . I am actually trying to see if I can actually work again in a law firm. BIG STEP. I was getting so frustrated just trying to put a resume together. DUH!!!!. I mean I should be able to do THAT!. But, you know, I haven't had one in years, didn't need one until now. So I stopped hitting my head on the wall and not getting anywhere. As of yesterday, I am dealing with a professional who knows what the current workplace expects from a resume. It is costing me a bit of money, but am squeezing that out as this is important. Maybe there is no place, even part time, working again. But maybe it would be very good to be "asked to dance" if I actually don't know all the right rhythm or steps anymore. Then I will put that to bed, and see what else will "chill" the negatives in my feelings of self worth.

Make a deal: you keep us informed on how you are doing, and I will do the same? May not be every day communication, but enough to touch base.

Well as people say, "Game on"! :

lawdog in reply to lawdog

mistake......didn't hit send button before. :)

Oh, well. from Lawdog. :)

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