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Since Monday, someone has been coming to the house knocking and ringing the doorbell, we haven't been answering the door because we don't know who it is and plus my mom saw someone that wasn't wearing a mask so she hasn't been answering the door, this person comes 2 times a day sometimes just once a day and it's so annoying and my mom and my brother doesn't want to answer the door. Which I don't blame them for that but at the same time, I want the person to stop coming to our house. I asked my mom what she thinks of all this and she's scared and paranoid and she told me that my brother told her that he didn't do a survey and they think that is why the people are coming to the house because they want his survey and that my brother told my mom not to worry about it and I said okay but I am scared because this person comes in the morning sometimes and in the evenings and even late at night and that is scary, I just wish they would answer the door and get it over with.

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Seems rather odd,your brother should be more concerned-survey-why would anyone pester your household for that and late on in the night---hope your brothers not on drugs?it could be a dealer !You cant be too care full these days-I live alone in Scotland,that would worry me -maybe the police? be careful whatever happens.

The survey was for census and he never did it and i looked online they do come to your house and ask you to do the survey and it says thought in August they would start going to people house so I don't know if its them coming to the house I don't know and my brother isn't on drugs because he works with my family business and he lives with my mom and i and I know he is not on drugs.

You know I think that since its Not August yet,I would be anxious and your mom is in a state too----I m not saying he is ,only speculation.drugs or no drugs ,these peoplefor a survey???why are you frightened then.sorry ,but my immediate instincts !hope Im wrong.

Im scared because normally when we don't answer the door, people leave and don't come back but this has been happening since Monday and we don't know who it is, we don't even know if it is the people for the surveys we don't know anything my brother just assumes that it is them but we are not 100% sure, and my mom said when she checked the window it was random guy with no mask on because in Arizona you have to wear a face mask because of the coronavirus because we have a big case. We don't know if its the same people coming everytime to the house. We never get people coming to our house ever so we don't know its scary because anything can happen, this guy can break into our house, this guy can hurt us. Plus these people come at 8pm at night who goes to come someone house at 8 at night to ask for a survey nothing makes sense and there isn't anything we can do. yes we can answer the door but we are scared too. I wouldn't want to answer the door at 8pm either.

I wouldn't answer the door to anyone right now.

Sounds like there's a possibility this is about more than a survey.

Call your local police department. Ask for some advice. Let them guide you in the safest way to deal with this.

Tell your brother what you plan on doing. See what his reaction is. If he knows more he will react to you taking this approach.

Thank you for your advice, I will forsure try to talk to my brother about it because they came today its 8:14pm where I am at and they came at 8:00pm, They rang the doorbell and knocked multiple times, its getting very scary.

It sounds scary. Please reach out to the police for guidance.

Stay safe

Thank you I will.

For safety, I never open the door if I don't know who it is. I don't care what they want. You could ask your mom to leave a note for the person with a phone # to call instead of keep coming to your house. You could also ask your mom to open a window to speak to the person from a distance. No matter what they want, they should honestly be leaving something to identify themselves and ask you guys to get in contact with them rather than keep harassing your home. I would ignore it.

I agree with you, I don't know why they don't just leave a note or something but they don't and my mom office is so close to door so when someone comes to the door they can sometimes see her but she put something on her window so no one can see her but I feel like they can see her and all that but still I don't understand why they have to come so many times a day.

That doesn't seem right. And there are very few in person census resources, and those that would come would likely have a mask.

You'd be in bounds to call the police and say "this person comes constantly, we DON'T actually know why, and we would like her trespassed from the property."

Yea I am thinking about doing that because it makes no sense that they come at 8pm and plus this is america, if we don't want to do a survey we don't have too, so I don't know why they would send people to track people who didn't do a survey it makes no sense. Plus for business they are open from in the morning till 5pm so if its a government job they are working they aren't suppose to come to your house late at night so I don't know.

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