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Please can anyone help me I'm so scared


Having put off taking Citalopram for over a month I have finally started taking them 4 days ago and feel awful. I was so scared of taking and so cut the tablets in half to 5mg. Tomorrow I am going to start on 10mg but already I am suffering with insomnia, increased anxiety and sweats. I have anxiety and keep thinking IU will stop breathing. Mu neck is tight and I have stuff sinuses. I am so very scared, have been to A&E twice with chest pains. please can anyone help me with advice and support. I would very much appreciate it.

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Maybe you have a sinus infection ? Citalopram worked good for me years ago if you’ve been feeling really anxious and uptight for awhile now you will need a little while to unwind ...have trust in your doctor.

Thank you so much. I have had blood tests which suggest there is no sinus infection and my doctor thinks it is anxiety related and will get better after a while on the tablets. I just hate the way I am feeling and so scared but it's good to have people like you out there who have my back. Thank you

You’re welcome there’s another h.u site called anxiety support if you’re not familiar with it there’s a lot of people with health anxiety on there you might find helpful understanding it more wishes with the citalopram.... sure Youlle be feeling better soon .

Thank you :)

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