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I am new here and feeling anxious


I do not know how this works or what to expect but I just feel anxious about everything in general. I cannot get it to stop 😖 If anyone would like to just introduce themselves, that’d be great.

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Hi! Welcome! This is a very supportive community so no worries😊✊❤

Have you tried meditation exercise or yoga to help w the anxiety? Everything helped me when I initially had anxiety symptoms. Mindfullness practice helps toobc it keeps you in the present moment and not worrying about the past or future

amcfemale in reply to Sunnidayz1

Hello! Yes I do meditation with my therapist and I have “Headspace” which is a meditation app. I will be using that shortly to help me. Nice to meet you.

Sunnidayz1 in reply to amcfemale

Great! Nice to meet you too. Im glad to hear u are seeking treatment for this. Millions suffer from this and they dont so kudos to youfor taking care of yourself. You are worth it!

Hi amcfemale :) Welcome to a forum filled with others who feel like you..

My name is Agora1 which I thought was appropriate after spending 5 years

of my life in my home because of my fears. Fear of what? I didn't know.

Everything scared me.

Besides medication and therapy, I eventually found tools that I could use that

started lowering my anxiety episodes. I re-read Dr. Claire Weekes' book on

"Hope & Help for Your Nerves" I watched her videos on YouTube. She explains

what makes us feel this way and how we can overcome our fears by not fighting


Today, I am free again. I am here to pass my success forward and to let you know

that Anxiety does not have to be a lifetime sentence. I'm glad you joined this

amazing forum. It's going to be okay. :) xx

Hey welcome! My name is Kainan. Glad you’ve joined in. It’s a super supportive group. All of us have had experiences with anxiety one way or another. Feel free to share your own experiences and what works for you and jump right in.

Hi welcome to the forum! I’m glad you joined ❤️

Welcoming to the community! You and I joined on the SAME day! Freaking awesome ☺💛

Hi, I was looking up about stomach problems and found this site and just joined. I have lots of anxiety and recurrent major depression, sleep problems, and other health problems. I isolate but keep busy playing games or sleeping, watch movies but still nervous. So sometimes it's so much help just to even have a few short sentences from someone, to talk to another human that understands. Thought I'd say hi and hope you can feel better soon.

Hi and welcome to the forum. 😊

You’ve made a great step.

Hi. I’m pretty new here, too. I can’t offer much help, since I’m going through stuff that I don’t know how to handle either, but I want to make sure you know that you’re not alone. Not even close.

Hi! I just joined today looking for support. I'm not able to give suggestions that might help yet as I'm still trying to navigate this myself. I hope you find relief soon.

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