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Depression-fueled anger?


Does anyone else feel that their depression makes them extremely angry at other people? Like you just see people walking or other people in your house and their existence makes you just want to lose it? I was wondering if anyone else felt that.

(Also I forgot to make an intro post, but I'm new here. Hello.)

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it can make you highly irritable n wee things get om your nerves

Hey welcome to the forum. It regularly saves my sanity and I hope it does the same for you. Aaaaaabbbbbbsolutely I get this all the time, it's like I'm blowing up at everyone. And it also seemssuper justified at the time, but then that fades the instant that I feel better. Is there anything in particular pissing you off about them, or is it just mysterious?

AnxiousFurry in reply to zperry4

Thanks for the welcome!

And I think it's that I get really angry with the people in my house, and then I go outside and transfer that energy to other people. I'm not outwardly angry at them, but I see them walking on the side of the road and I'm just internally thinking "ugh, why couldn't you be walking somewhere else?"

Welcome AnxiousFurry. I hear you when you mention having depression-fueled anger. When I am feeling depressed, I typically shut myself off from everyone and curl up in the corner of my room or on my bed. Sometimes I do feel super irritable with everyone, and if I am not feeling okay, I find myself checking on everyone else and become convinced that everyone else has a problem. If I decide to take a walk in a park or on a hiking trail and discover there are a lot of other people out there I think to myself, "Ugh, do you have to be out here walking at the same time as me?"

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Yep, I know that feeling well. It's almost like saying, "what's wrong with you guys??? Don't you know I'm depressed?? You should know better than to be anywhere near me right now"

yes. I can be v irrational it’s so bad


Hello and welcome!👋

I can relate very much to this. When I get to feeling really bad I get really irritated at everything and everyone. No reason why.

I think it might be our way of trying to protect ourselves. What do you think?

What's it to you AnxiousFurry? Conversely, yeah, I suppose I can relate. 🤔

Yes i find myself getting annoyed at people.

I also find that people get annoyed when im depressed.

I get angry because others are so happy and I’m not. I’m angry that they have what I feel like I will never achieve.

All the time

Yes I get very angry. I have been working on my depression and anxiety since 1987. There are times I get so angry I scare myself. I know enough about my triggers and how to handle myself when I am in this state of mind to not act out on the rage. Fortunately, this state doesn't stay with me for a very long time but the potential it is always there. I know I have to keep investing in myself as I do not want to leave hurt and sadness on any one. Hang in there, we have to believe life will get better.

Hi, AnxiousFurry, welcome. I'm new here too. I most definitely feel anger, a hot, intense, want to kick and scream kind of anger, that I suppose comes from depression. In my head, I berate and cuss at people and also myself, even for the smallest things. There's a part of me that knows this isn't healthy so I try to calm myself and see the good, but it's often a losing battle.


Not felt it myself but I remember the spouse of a friend back a few years ago, When her husband went away on travel she became unlivable with anger. It essentially wrecked my friendship and we had to actively avoid the couple. But I also think this is treatable with a good counselor.

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