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If you were, sent on a mission to change people life, what would you do?


Hey to all of my wonderful good people out there, i hope you guys are staying blessed, and doing good. If i was sent on a mission to changed people lifes, here is a couple of things i would do. For starters i would tell people, to be, honest about what you say you are going to do dont lie. Also people who are, bad alcoholics, i would teach them, the bottle is not the, answer, and once you become soba your problems will still be there. I would stop people from abusing, there kids and animals. I would also put a end to men domestic violence against women only cowards hit women. I would make it to where every, ethnicity will get along. I would feed, every homeless person i can and help them get on there feet again. I would also, heal people from there anxiety, it can be really difficult sometimes especially if you are all alone up late with know one to talk too. I would make to where people would stand up to bullys, and put them in there place. I really love to talk to you guys it relaxis my mind. If you were sent on a mission to change people life, what would you do?

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This, this brings me back. Back to a time and place in my life where I sincerely held out hope for humanity at large, and I wished to play an integral part in its betterment. How, you might ask? I would write a heavily moralistic story that, if implemented properly, would serve to make the majority of readers better people for it. That ambition was lofty to say the least. Ultimately, what did me in was that my skillset wasn't quite up to task for that first novelistic effort. Furthermore, by the time my craft had gotten where I'd needed it, my spirit had already witnessed too much ugliness in the human condition at large. Don't get me wrong, I still enjoy working with morals and lessons, but my sentiments are wielded more like deft blades rather than loving hand.

What you'd described sounds quite utopian in nature. Sadly, humans are VERY complex creatures; for lack of something wrong, the majority of us would go out of our way to MAKE something wrong, for little reason beyond that finding fault is part of our collective nature.

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Hey enigmaticide thanks alot for that. What you said definitely make me think, about life in a different perspective, it was really mind provoking, i appreciate that.

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It's what I live for, clearly. ;) Best of luck in your future travels, fellow wanderer.

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Thanks alot best of luck too you also.

An interesting premise and philosophy. It made me reflect on the following:

1. David Goggins and how to “callus your mind”. It makes me wonder whether, if you “callus your mind”, you are really hardening your heart.

2. Jules quote from Pulp Fiction - “The path of the righteous man” - and his growing ambivalence to his life.

3. Mandela’s quote “As I walked out the door toward the gate that would lead to my freedom, I knew that if I did not leave my bitterness and hatred behind, I’d still be in prison”.

4. The beautiful and inspiring poem “Invictus” - pinned to the wall of Mandela’s cell and his inspiration in prison.

Thank you for that. Though I am loathe to admit it, you may be more scholarly than I. :p

Hm... if I were sent on a mission to help people and I could make any changes I wanted, I think I would help those who have been abandoned or left behind. I would help them find a place where they belong. I would also help those like me who are always scared. I would help relieve their fears.

I'm just gonna say this. Your username is amazing!

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Thanks alot yeah im from the Atl, and i was born in 83.

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Hey ShadowGerbil and thank you so much for your great, breath taken, response. Im so sorry that you have been, scared. The good thing about your, situation you can use your experience, to help heal others. God have a special place in heaven, for people like you. Helping those who are abandoned, is a fantastic thing to do for a nother, humanbean Bean.

I would work with children.

Teach them the are good.

That they deserve to be loved.

That they can accomplish anything.

Give them a sense of security that someone is there for them.

Show them that they have a warm lap to fall onto when they need one.

Children need a loving nurturing environment. They need a solid foundation.

I would give those that aren't getting that what they need.

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Hey Dolphin14 god bless you, and thank you so much for your response. Thats a great amazing, thing to do for the kiddos. I agree with you 100percent. I dont have any kids but i love them.

An interesting question. I would centre on:

1. the “If” which feels like a but.

2. who is sending you on this mission.

3. why you feel you need permission to go on this mission.

And, once you have ruminated on that you can then take this to the next level - go within and seek to discern your true mission: who is calling you and what are you being called to do and to serve.

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Hey thats a good question, thanks alot for asking. Well i was just trying to be creative, alot of people, on here, suffer, with anxiety including myself from time to time. Im also trying to see where people heart is at. If i can create, a mind provoking, conversation to distract people mind off of stress, thats really satisfying to me. But i did mean everything i said in my post, if i had the opportunity to help others out i would. Im so glad you asked me that. I just want to distract, people if they are feeling down and out.

Have you read Johann Hari’s book “Lost Connections”? It centres on the idea that anxiety and depression are symptoms to be embraced and befriended rather than feared, repressed, treated or avoided. He says, having interviewed hundreds of experts and sufferers, that at the root of these conditions is a loss of meaningful connection to ourselves, others, society, work etc. He urges us to look for new ways to re-connect (much as you are doing with your blogs) and through that begin a journey towards finding a greater meaning and renewal.

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No i haven't read i yet, but i definitely, will check it out, it sounds really, interesting, and educating. Thanks alot for that ill research the book and download it, i love to read.

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You should also read On the Road by Jack Kerouac. It is a difficult book since you have to get into the rhythm of the writing. There is something in your writing style that reminds me of him.

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Oh ok thats even better i love a good difficult, challenging book, since im more of a homebody i got nothing but time. All i do is work and come home. I will definitely check out that book aswell. These people seem like they will keep me entertained, and educated.

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