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When was the first time you found out about your anxiety?


Hello to all of my wonderful great people out there, i truely hope your day have been going great. In life we have to figure out our issues and resolve them. Back in 2009, i first started having these attacks, to where my heart would beat really fast and i would be breathing alot faster. Of course anyone would panic, because you dont know whats going on with your body. I did a little research, i discovered that caffeine, makes the heart beat really, fast. So i laid off of the coffee for about 3weeks. The attacks continued to go on with me, at that point, i got really paranoid. So i got to thinking and remembered a good friend of mind said there heart sometimes, beat really fast and it be hard to breathe for them, the causen, of that they said was anxiety. So i said to myself am i depressed, and it all came to me, one of the people who i really loved the most which is my grandfather he had just recently died at that time. The attacks also took place everytime i thought of him. I finally got it under control, i managed it the best way i can, plus i had my loving mom by my side. That day changed my entire life, because i knew what i was dealing with. I also had the mentality, anxiety will not get the best of me, i will win know matter what. When did you guys find out about your anxiety? Leave me a comment.

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First time I found out about my anxiety was later on in life. Even as a child I had it, which is so sad but nothing really bad happened to me. I was always just so worried and cared about everyone else. I have such a big heart! I later on realized once I have matured and grew up a bit that worrying that much was not normal for a young child especially since I never really had traumatic experience! Senior year of highschool was when I started experiencing panic attacks and that’s when I knew I had it bad. I always was a nervous person anyway but I never knew what anxiety was until Senior year of highschool after experiencing a concussion!

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Im so sorry about your anxiety, but trust me i can relate to you on every level, in the book. I care alot about people aswell, you can never be to young or to old to have a loving caring heart. Its a honor to be speaking to someone like you thats so passionate about life.

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It’s okay, it is what it is! I know once I overcome my anxiety and worries that I will truly be able to enjoy life. I will be so proud of myself too. I am still young but I do not want to be scared to live my life and make myself miserable because of it. But yes I do care about people but sometimes I care too much about what negative things people have to say about me to the point where I eventually start to believe it!

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You will, most definitely, overcome your anxiety, sometimes in life it seems like a true nightmare, and you will never wake up, trust me i get it. Theres always a light at the end of the tunnel. You are expressing your self and whats on your mind, you are heading down the right path, anxiety lives off of isolation, you are a winner anxiety will not get the best of you. Never let another human bean belittle you. Never believe the toxic stuff people say about you. Thats there goal is to bring you down to there level. You are so better than that you will overcome this i promise. With god by your side you cant be touched!!!

The first time I found out that I had anxiety was when I entered middle school. I remember I sat down in class after using the bathroom, it felt like time was passing by slowly and everyone was staring at me. I felt my heart racing as the teacher passed by. Then, my close friend grabbed my shoulder, I snapped out of it. I scanned the room and everyone had their heads down while completing an assignment. That’s when I realized, I have anxiety.

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Im sorry that you had that horrible, breathtaking experience thechae, i hate that to the core. Thats the thing about anxiety, that nasty, monster creep up on us at anytime.

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