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If you could change something about yourself what would it be?


Well if can turn back the, hands of time on my life here, is a couple of things i would do. Number one i would have not gotten, so attached to people who meant me know good. I use to know a guy, who injoyed raceing with his other friends, on a public street, he were putting his life, and eveyone else life in danger. Because he was my friend at the time i over looked, that nonsense. Another situation, in my teens i knew this guy, that was a bad housekeeper he dident take care of his place, very well, his room, literally looked, like a hurricane hit it. One day, i let him keep my video game, he made a mistake and broke it, that was my fault, cause i knew what kind of person he was. A female friend of mine who i knew from high school told me, that she was having an affair with this married guy, even though it was wrong but i overlooked it, because she was someone who i called a friend at the time. Moral of the story is if could have changed my behavior back then, they would have been far out of my life. My parents always tought me, be careful who you choose, as a friend. As an adult, i make, better choices, on who i accept, in my life, i guess, that was a learning experience, for me. If you could change, something about yourself, what woud it be? Leave me a comment, i would love to hear your story, i love to chat with you guys.

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Thank you for posting.

If I could change one thing, I would care about people more. I think its a beautiful quality.

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Thats fantastic Blackdog1, i agree with you every step of the way. I would do the same aswell. Thanks for your response.

If I could change something, it would be to allow myself to make mistakes. I started to become anxious around others because I thought everything I did was wrong. I thought the way I dressed was wrong. The way I started conversations was wrong. The way I looked was wrong. I always tried to change myself to appease another person. I wish I did this earlier.

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Hey thechae, and thank you so much for your heartwarming response. You are so right about that, if i can go back in time i would allow, myself to make mistakes aswell. We cant change our past but we, surely can try our best to make a better future. Great advice.

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Thank you for replying to my post. I hope you have a wonderful night.

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Thank you so much you have a great nite aswell. Feel free to always keep in contact.

Definitely to stop worrying over the things I can’t control! I must learn to let life do it’s thing..

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Hey StressedMess, its like, you literally just read my mind. We thank just a like. Thank you so much for that.

If I could change some things about myself:

I would change my self-limiting belief that I’m “less-than” or “unworthy” of things. I battle this belief everyday and have to breathe and talk myself into believing differently in order to move in the world.

I would stop being so hard on myself and my partner. We’re humans and life is messy and complex and things are never going to be perfect.

I would accept things as they are instead of wishing for things to be different.

I would live more in the present instead of being so caught up in what already happened or what might happen in the future.

I would be more honest and vulnerable with people instead of keeping my heart locked behind steel walls.

Mmmm...this was a good prompt. Thank you for sharing and providing a space for introspective medicine. 🙏

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That was so great and heartwarming i literally can feel your passion. You will overcome those tough opticals life is a challenge, from time to time we will get tested. You have your partner by yourside they love and care for you dearly, they will help you threw this. Im glad that you made that comment, i can feel, deeply in my heart that you are a strong person. Im so glad that my post touched you that really made me smile.

Most everybody would make minor to major changes. I would have married for pure love not vanity. And took my work career in a much different direction. But I've learned to live in the here and now and think about what's ahead. Thinking about my past nearly drove me crazy. Thanks to my therapist, I've learned to take each day as a gift.

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Hey and thanks for your response. Im so glad that you are managing, things in your life now. Yeah we as people definitely learn from the stuff we go threw, you are so right about that. Everything will be ok with you in your life.

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Thank you and I wish the same for you.

Despite having a very forgiving Savior I would change my past.

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You and me both, i definitely can relate, to what you said. Thanks for the comment utep99

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