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What is one of the worstest days in your life?

I always have been a family man, all of my life i also had the mentality, that family first before all, and without them the world is a empty, scary place, at least in my personal, opinion. Me and my grandfather, had i great relationship we use to go out to ball games, talk about my past relationships with women, and i use to love to hear him talk about his past relationships, before he met my grandma. He is also the father of my, mom and my aunt, but he always told me, i was the son he never had. I also told him he was my second dad. He also had health problems he were, in and out the Hospital, threw out my life, its basically, been going on every since i was a child. I always went to see him when he was in the Hospital. So back in 2009, it was a day before, Valentines day. My grandmother, called me and my mom and told us to come to the Hospital, it took us about 20mins to get there. When we got to the waiting room my grandmother was sitting down, i asked her whats the room number, so i can go see him. My grandma looked me in the face and said hes gone, i said what, it was like someone, just took all of the air out of me, that was the first time my mom seen me break, down and cry since i was a child. It was hard, for a while, because at that time i never had someone who i was close too and lost them so random like that. As time went by, i slowly healed, little, by little, plus i had my mom and grandma, by myside we came together, and we comfort each other. My grandmother is now gone we lost her in 2014, two days before mothersday. All i have now is my mom, and shes my world, thats why, if you have a disagreement with your loveone, make sure you patch, it up, cause only god knows what the future holds. I know i post uplifting stuff and i always will, but i just had to get that off of my chest. Other than that i feel good what about you guys, how are you? Whats the worstest thing that ever happen to you?

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It sounds like the best thing that ever happened to you was having an awesome grandfather. what great memories you have! your family sounds like a true blessing.

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Hello AuntBee, and thank you so much for your wonderful touching response. Well we dident have much but we surely, had each other. Now my grandparents is together in heaven. Thanks again for your complement that meant alot. God bless you, and if you ever need to talk ill be there!!!

to many to mention but without doubt it was the day my son was killed nothing will ever come close to that.half of me died that day never been the same person.

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Death has a way of rendering people uncertain. I know I am not alone in wondering what do you say or write to a person who has experienced death. I know that the death of a loved one can be very painful. All loses are unique even if they have things in common. You have my sympathy. That must have been a terrible experience to have your son die. These words are my attempt to show that people do understand in a way and want to do something. Ease grief a bit, that is my hope for what my words might do. For me grief is eased a bit when people just acknowledge I am grieving, so I am trying to do that for you. I hope you have a multitude of good memories regards your son.

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hi thank you for your kind response yeah every death is different my mum had sepsis the doctor told us they could amputate her arms and legs but then said they couldn`t.my dad died within 4 months of finding out he had cancer although he fell in hospital broke his leg and he died with an infection after they took out his staples my son had 90 skull fractures and a doctor said imagine an egg shell well that`s your sons head days and words like that cant be forgotten no matter how hard you try.

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Im so sorry to hear that kenster1, thats really heart breaking to hear. May god rest his soul. Thanks for sharing that heartwarming news.


All through my life I have experienced joys and sorrows. I appreciate when other people let me know some of their joys and sorrows even if it is in an anonymous post. Sounds like you were blessed to have the grandfather you had. And then it makes sense to have him die would be your worst experience. My sympathies.

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Thanks for your response MsComplex, hearing comments like that makes me feel really good. Yea my grandfather was a good man.

Hi, Mratl83.

It's very hard to lose someone close to you. Remembering what you did with your grandfather, what you talked to him about, and how he loved those around you, these are things that can help you through your loss. I've been going through it for over 11 years but slowly piecing my heart back together. You can do the same but be patient with yourself.

I lost my mother in January of 2009 due to lung cancer. She was also my best friend. Mom's boyfriend, Fred, died in December 2013. He made my mom happy for a few years and they were very cute together. Then lung cancer took my grandmother in April 2017. Then my uncle died in a car crash in November 2017. And my mother-in-law died of a stroke in January 2019. I'm leaving out people I wasn't close to: grandfather, his two sisters and my dad all between 2016 and 2018.

I kicked my husband out in June 2015 because he was cheating on me and doing awful things in chat rooms. (Still married but the divorce is taking forever.) Both of my sisters and their families have disowned me because of estate issues from my uncle's sudden death.

It was really hard losing my mom and my mother-in-law. They were so supportive of me and knew how to make me appreciate what I have. My father-in-law is now remarried (as of Monday, June 15) and both he and Sue are wonderful to have in my life. I wish I had more time with my two moms. And I wish a few other folks were there as well. Even still having my husband would be great if he was the great guy he was before cheating and chatting.

I hope you are a praying man because I feel nudged to say this to you:

I wish you peace and comfort when you are stressed and sad. I send a prayer to God for Him to comfort your soul and watch over you. A prayer that you will receive all of the gifts that have been set aside for you. And God's ear to hear you when you need to lean on Him more.

Love, hugs and healing to you.

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Thanks No1wthayla ever so much for your wonderful heartwarming very touching comment, i really needed to hear that. Yes i am a praying God fearing man who accept, Christ as my savior. Im so sorry about the heart breaking stuff that you have to deal with threw out of your life. Life can really be, an extremely uncomfortable feeling sometimes. Your loveones are together in heaven looking down on you smiling. They are so proud, of you are a nice, great person. You will get threw this, as long as you are alive, and have god in your heart, you cant lose, i will definitely have you in my, prayers aswell. God bless you. If you ever need to talk, my heart is open to hear you out. Thanks again for expressing your true feelings.

Thank you, Mratl83. This brought happy tears to my eyes. I feel love all around me, hands on my shoulders and a fabulous new friend to cheer me up.

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We are all in this together we are going to get threw the pain that we have. Life is most definitely a roller coaster ride. With god and others, that can relate, to us, we cannot be stoped. Im so glad that i met such a intelligent, brave , passionate person like yourself.

Most of my life has been miserable after about age 9. I had some major panic attacks induced by smoking weed that created an indescribably horrifying experience in my mind. Those were my worst couple days. That's when I realized I needed help though so I'm also thankful for marijuanna but I do still have some ptsd from that experience about 8 years ago.

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Hey Slushy47, and thank you ever so much for your heartwarming response. Im so sorry about your ptsd, we all deal, with challenging stuff in life know ones perfect. The thing that warms my heart is that you are alive thank god for that. The other great thing is that you are going to make it threw your situation, great people like you always win. In action movies, the good guy may lose at the beginning, and take a couple of hard shots, but at the end they always come out on top as a champion. Just like you are a true champion, you are extremely tough.

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Thank you friend. You're a champion too! I have watched this site for about the past 5 months and I've noticed you came in to the site and added a lot more positivity. We need more of that as you can tell there is a lot of suffering. I dont know if I'm a great person but my own suffering has made me more sensitive to other people's pain. Specifically with everything going on I'm a lot more sensitive and aware to the struggle of black people than I used to be. The system is definitely corrupted and backwards and has to be changed. Its really sad that a black man has to be killed on camera to get everybody's attention. Everybody knows this stuff has been happening and we have not done enough and I have not done enough and I take full responsibility. We all need to become more awakened as a human race together.

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You are so right about that, just imagine what these people, loveones is going threw, to see there family member get executed on camera, it brings tears to my eyes just watching. I wish everyone was like me i love everyone, but sadly thats just not the case. Im so glad that i got on this website, it was the best ever, so many people can relate on so many levels. Thanks alot for the complement, my main goal is to get help the best way i can from fantastic people like you, and to motivate as many people i can. Alot of folks is in pain mentally, if you can distract someone mind from stress, i think that you are heading in the right directions. You are a very caring person i hope that we will keep in contact forever!!!

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I had to say something to this, I also had a completely terrifying experience with marijuana. That's actually what got me to stop cold turkey. And I 100% still have ptsd from it. Sorry to interject

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Wow, we are a lot more similar than I would've thought from our first meeting lol. Did you feel like you were going crazy and dying at the same time? I cant really describe how bad it was with words. I was really effed up back then though. I needed to get help anyways and the weed experience just made me do it faster. I can still go back to the places where I had those weed experiences and some of those scary feelings start to come back. I can handle them a lot better now though.

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Lol yes we are, and yeah I literally felt like I was going to die or be shot or something. I heard a crazy voice bellowing from the dark night sky, and it was complete TERROR!! That experience got me a lovely vacation at a mental health facility lol... It was not funny but I'd rather laugh than cry haha

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I probably shouldve been in a mental health facility but I'm scared of those places. You are probably tougher than me. I was experiencing derealization for like 4 or 5 months after the weed experience. I felt like I was in a different reality. I started to have small panic attacks even when I didnt smoke. I started to become afraid of them. It was absolute hell. Yes i know exactly what you mean about laughing rather than crying. Crying usually makes the other uncomfortable in our society but you can cry with me and laugh with me too. I dont think they are that much different.

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The only way I could describe it to my doctor was that I had this horrible horrible feeling of impending doom. It was so bad that my brain has literally blocked parts of those years out

27th march 2007 ( i had to look the date up) Barcelona, 2 minutes past 6 in the morning ( i remember it distinctly) head in my hands bringing up the excesses of another bender on tour watching the England football team,my mate kicking anything and everything that moved because hed been robbed.We'd been on it as they say from about 4 the previous day.

I was sick and tired of being sick and tired my 2 best friends alcohol and football were starting to kick me where it hurts

I was too pissed to feel ashamed and prayed the media wouldnt photograph us,after all i had a loving family at home,why they still loved me i dont know.

My in laws death had hit me hard they offered me everything my own parents hadnt,gone within 17 months of one another.Following England home and away was my way of coping with their loss,spending thousands literally getting pissed,i would get so pissed that i would record the game watch it when i got home so that if my son asked about the game i could speak about it with confidence.

I was done gone i spent the rest of the trip on my own just lost,the guilt the shame had hit me hard .

I didnt know at the time but it would be my last ever football game.I walked away from the game for good that night.It was only when i started having therapy a couple of years later that i finally overcame the shame of how much i spent.

I didnt realise at the time but i was dipping my toes into the murky waters of alcohol.I was so lucky who i married and met,my therapist and my wife saved my life.

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Hey hillsinmind and that you so much for, your emotional, heartbreaking story. It was really touching. Im ever so sorry about your lose, my heart goes out to you, and others who were affected, by it. It was a fantastic ending, it just warms my heart to the core. Im so glad that you pulled yourself together, and married the love of your life. God is good. Thank you ever so much for shareing that, emotional life changing story. If you ever need to talk, please reach out. I will go out of my way for people like you!!!

I'm so sorry about your grandparents, I lost my grandfather at 14 and it didn't truly hit me how much I missed him until a few years ago. And I agree life is too short to stay mad at loved ones. You're very insightful and always have kind words to say, that's so nice to have in this world today.

August 8, 2014. I have many days that could be the worst, but August 8th is the one I most regret. I was smoking pot regularly at the time. From sun up to sun down. Prior to that day I had full custody of my kids, I stayed at my parents, and everything seemed to be going well. In July of that year I moved out and in with my boyfriend, whom I'm still with, and I didn't care about too much. There was alot that happened leading up to this day, but honestly it's alot to type and I'm on a cellphone so I'll skip that for now. Anyways that is day I willingly handed my children to my ex husband because I stopped caring about alot, and didn't work, and we'll to be honest there was no room for my kids to stay with me. Plus the whole smoking pot ordeal. So I remember waking up that day, getting dressed for court, driving the hour and something to get there. Smoking pot on my way there. And then standing before a judge while my ex-husband was on the other side of the court room. I remember lying under oath, Lord forgive me, and telling the judge I wasn't under the influence of anything. And I remember how devestating it was to know what I had just done. And then knowing I wasn't going to get to see my babies everyday anymore. Then later the same day my boyfriend and I got into a minor car accident, only to be completely ripped apart by his mom about the damage to the car. And then had to deal with his mother grabbing me and telling me all this was my fault somehow, and I did this to her son. Whatever that meant. Which in turn got my boyfriend and his brother physically fighting and it was just bad. So yeah that's probably one of the worst days of my life. At least it's the first one that always come to mind.

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Hey WeWillRise, thank you so much for shareing, that, heartwarming passionate response. Thank you so much for your condolences about my grandparents. My condolences goes out to you aswell about your grandfather. Im ever so sorry those tragic things took place in your life. God will never give us more than we can handle. Life can be really heartbreaking, and depressing, trust me i understand you 100percent. Know matter what our, situation is in life, we have to keep fighting, threw it. Eventually we will overcome it. Everything will be ok with you. Your story was really touching. Thanks again for shareing that.

The day my brother tragically passed.

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Im so sorry to hear that. May god rest his wonderful soul.

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Thank you🙏

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