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Trying to make new friends


Hello i hope everyone is doing great, i just joined and im looking for new friends, it dont matter who you is, im just a really good guy, you can also feel free to follow me, and i will follow you back. Read my profile, and give me your opinion please that will mean alot god bless.

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hi and welcome aboard hopefully being on the forum helps.we have a forum on here that helps users with anxieties brought on through covid.its called positive wellbeing that could help you along with being here i doubt if you only had your mask off for a split second then anything would happen but if you can take a test and be reassured.

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Hello, and thanks for the warm welcome i really appreciate that. Thats one of the reasons why i joined is for positive vibes so thanks feel free to contact me any time.

Hi, I Read ya bio. First thing first , always PRAY! If you feel worried you might have it or when you hop on the media and see things, take a time out and pray! I suffer w anxiety. I hate social Media. Don’t have nun. It’s not always good to keep important things from the ones you loved because it’s good for them to know just in case something happens , they know what’s going on and what to do! I take lexapro for my anxiety. Well did, I need to start back. That helped me a lot. I use to have heart palpitations awhile back b4 I started my lexapro and it helped!!! I still get nervous but that’s a human feeling you cAnt get rid of but my heart doesn’t beat a 100mph ! Isolate yourself if you think you have it. Get a list of symptoms and watch yourself. Maybe that will ease your mind.

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Hey and thank you so much for your advice on that, you know it just warms my heart to the core too get such positive feedback back from caring people like yourself. I know i dont have it but the fear of geting it is really scary. Im so sorry about your situation aswell, and i agree with you the world is a very creepy place sometimes, but like you said you just have to pray on it. Thanks again god cent you for a reason.

Hi there!

I read your bio. First, I think you should stop watching the media. I know it's kinda hard especially since they keep throwing it in our face everywhere about Covid-19. You will still get important information from friends and family without subjecting yourself to that extra panic. That's what sells in the news...death and destruction. Secondly, I think you would be at very low risk from the one time you didn't have the mask on in the bathroom for those few minutes...especially since the door was open because that helps to circulate and refresh the air.

I know it sounds cheesy, but I would look into learning some deep breathing exercises too. Practice them when you are calmer and then you will have more luck with them when you are anxious. For me, I have to make sure my breath out is longer than my breath in. The breath in is energizing you, where as the breath out is calming you.

Take Care!

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Hey i hope that you are doing great. Thank you so much for taking the time out of your important life to show me some support, that really means alot. Yeah i know i need to shy away from any news report about, that scary monster, that gos by the name covid-19. You dont sound cheesy at all, you make perfectly, great since. I agree with you 100percent, im definitely going to take your awesome advice and take a couple of deep breaths. Reading stuff like that just makes my day thanks again.

Also, I would recommend letting your family know about your anxiety attacks. They may be able to help. As a mom, I would want to know what my child is going through and try to help them.

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You are so right about that, yeah me and my mom have a great relationship to, i truly need to talk to her about my anxiety. I bet you are a great fantastic mom. Great mothers like you dont grow on trees people like you stay in my prayers.

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Thanks! You also sound like a great son and a caring, respectful person. Take care of yourself!

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You to thanks alot, keep in mind if you ever need to talk please dont be shy, i will always make time to hear you out may god bless you and your love ones.

Welcome Mratl83. I read your bio and I wish I had an answer about COVID. As others have said, I think you are okay with having your mask off for just that short time.

There is so much contradictory information out there by the way it spreads and such. Just do what you can do to keep yourself safe.

It sounds like you have a lot of positive energy. 🙂 Glad you're here.

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Yeah i think my paranoia about covid-19 and hearing stuff about it i kind of overreacted, threw out my entire life i have overreacted about some stuff that most people would say are you serious, thats noting to worry about. I always have been really sensitive i wish i was not like that but thats something i have to live with. And yeah the walk in the park where 11 days ago and i feel find health wise, is just the fear of the word covid just scarces me, thats why i put the news on the back burner for a minute. Thanks for the complement, im glad im here to otherwise i wouldn't have met a fantastic person like yourself, so back at you im blessed that you are here.

Hey and welcome! It’s a great community to be a part of. There’s always plenty of support out there should you need it and people are always finding creative ways to spread positivity. The best way to get the most out of this site is to jump right in 🙂

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You are so right about that well you will always have 100percent of my support.

Welcome Mratl83 welcome my name is Chell over n Tennessee this is a great site with great people!!!

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Hello there, and thank you so much for that i appreciate you for the warm welcome. Yep you are so right the people are really awesome.

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