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Ugh I feel like I can't catch a break


Well folks, I feel like I've gotten my anxiety under control for the most part. Now it appears as though I may have to have my gallbladder removed. I've been in pain for a week. I just want to feel well. And if I do have to have the surgery, I'll have to change my diet forever. Sometimes life is just too much. I'm tired.

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My aunt had her gallbladder removed. Honestly the surgery was a lot quicker and she recovered a lot faster then when I got my appendicitis out so that was cool. I couldn’t tell you about how she’s doing because even if she was doing amazing she’d be complaining about something 🤷‍♂️.

I agree though, sometimes it’s just to much but don’t worry you’ll get better and then anxiety can mess that up right 😂 gotta love it sometimes 😂.

I hope you feel better and if you end up getting the surgery recover quickly. I’m glad your in a good spot with your anxiety as well high five my dude 🖐🏻.

Msteacher in reply to Hidden

Thank you! I appreciate that!

Well I’m happy and sad for you then. I’m sure it’s tiring to constantly feel like it’s an uphill battle, but you can do it. Everyone is pulling for you.

Msteacher in reply to PT81

Thank you!!!! It just seems like when one thing stops something else starts. If love a long streak of good.

Hidden in reply to Msteacher

So true!♥️💛


I'm sorry you have to have surgery and are in pain. Physical pain along with anxiety and or depression is awful and I can relate to you. It is great that your anxiety is under control. I have a disease of the bladder called Interstitial Cystitis or Painful Bladder Syndrome. There is no cute nor is it fatal. I have gone for treatments every 2 weeks since 2008 for some relief. I had physical therapy since 2008 and ended 3 years ago and do pelvic exercises at home. I've had Interstim devices inserted to help with pain but after the second one I decided to have it removed. It no longer helped. My diet changed to non acidic.

I agree you never are prepared for what life throws at you ., at any given moment life can change. .

My prayers and blessings for your upcoming surgery. ,🙏🌻♥️⚓

You are in our thoughts and hearts!♥️💛💙

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