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It's my birthday today...


At what age do birthday's become so depressing? It's not the aging, because if anything I'm eager for the day I'm old enough to be allowed to stop living.

This year I was going to go with my sister to see a show but of course the show got canceled because it wasn't safe to have a lot of people gathered together in one place. And I get that. It's just, it really does seem to happen every time I try and go out to have fun. As a social recluse I don't go out to special events except MAYBE once or twice a year. So i'm spending my birthday at home like normal. I've been receiving the normal yearly "happy birthdays" on facebook from my few friends and actual texts from my very closest friends and family. EXCEPT, I haven't received one from my mom yet. We were so close a year ago.

I'm going to go to sleep now because then tomorrow will come sooner and tomorrow is not my birthday and everything will go back to normal. BTW if you have children, keep their expectations low because when they get older their "special day" will suck because no one will care about them as much.

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Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday 🎈🎉

Happy Birthday SarcasmIsFun! Sleep well my friend :) xx

I'm sorry, I just checked the site now. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!🎈🎂🥳🎈Next year will totally be better. I spent my birthday in March totally alone because of the pandemic. Things will get better!

Happy birthday! I hope tomorrow is better. :)

Happy Birthday

Happy birthday 🎂

Happy birthday dear..💐❤❤

Well, I'm with my family but it doesn't make it better, I just hate it in here and they don't feel for me they're selfish and rude especially my father. I HATE him.

Wish I were there with you at least we feel for each others..

Happy Birthday...people care!

Happy birthday 🎈🎁🎂😊

Happy birthday if u got family embrace them one day you'll be like me My birthdays stopped being fun when I ran out of family my mom was the last one to go 99 percent of my family have passed away im the only member left of our blood line I feel like a living ghost , but I do have my bestest friend trixy my fur baby she's awesome idk what ill do once she passes she's been soul companion for the past four years

Siouxzie68 in reply to Dragon13

You sound so together, lovely people like you will never be alone x x x 😍

Well Happy Birthday, it depends on how the person feels about their Birthday? My mother turned 90 last December she had the time of her LIFE. We hired a Band and ALL her kids, grandkids and Great-Grandkids came. She Cried tears of Joy 😂😊🎂🎉

Grow up!!!! Lol 😂


If I was your mom no matter what, I would of called you for your birthday, and every day I could. Nothing would stop me!Did something happen between you two. 🥳 Happy birthday!

Wishing you peace and safety in these troubled times, your feelings are familiar to so many of us, take care of yourself!

Happy Birthday!enjoy your Birthday,I lost my mom 16 years ago and i normally enjoy my birthdays with my husband&my kids...iam sending you peace..

Hi it's me again, lost my mum in 2013 and there isn't a day that goes by that I do not yearn for a cuddle from her. Words can never ever express this feeling unless you have been through it yourself, but know that our mums are looking down on us. Just wish they would help with the pain that we go though even just for a short space of time.


And my Birthday will be on Tuesday...

Just seen your post Paskalina and wanted to wish you a very Happy Birthday, just wish that we were all here for each other, it would make such a difference to our lives as we should all understand what each of us is going through.

Take care, and hope that you are having a "good" day xx

Thanks alot..

Agora1 in reply to Paskalina

Best Wishes on your special day...

Happy Birthday Paskalina :) xx


Happy Birthday! 🎈🎂🍭🎁

I'm sorry for you feeling so horrible in your birthday. Give your mom time this is hurting her too. Nothing would keep me from the phone to say happy birthday to my son. I don't have a son or daughter, I was not able. To you I wish a day full of what you do desire. Grab yourself a cupcake pop a candle on top and imagine all of us here singing Happy Birthday to you. 🎂🎈

We are feeling terrible because you are. We all care. I'm definitely not on the side of a parent not calling their child on their birthday but give it time.

Happy Birthday I'm 56 and I'm still loving is not's what you make of it or don't make of it that's depressing...

My dad's 85 doesn't look a day over 65..walks 2 miles per day..loves his life his kids grandkids and great grandchild .

He & my mom do everything together..

Even though an introvert, I love doing all I can..beach, canoe, walking, etc..and lots more..

I do suffer from anxiety and depression but that does not mean that life is totally depressing. Sometimes good sometimes not so good

Get into doing what you love..

It's what you make of is like a box of chocolates!! Enjoy! You don't know if you have tomorrow. My bro died tragically at 32...In his prime..I don't know anyone who loved life more than him...

Happy Birthday my friend! Take it one day at a time. Please find 1 joy to your day. We are with you all day.

I understand your introversion as I am..

My blessings and birthday wishes to you..

Gretel XX

Oh my gosh that top part was funny because that's me everyday. I've never celebrated my birthday but maybe 3 times as a kid...

Even though I don't like to celebrate as an adult (bc of my childhood), I still know what that feels like and I imagine it feels worse for you because of what you said about no one caring as much now that you're older. 😞

💔 How are you feeling today? Did you ever hear from your mom? I'm so sorry you spent the whole day feeling the way you did.

I don't know you or your mom but I know there have been times where I thought daily for weeks about a close family members birthday and planned things in my head but when the day came, I was not feeling well for several days and completely forgot. It was made worse by the fact that I'm the only person who makes her day special. I still feel bad about it and it was several years ago.

So maybe something's wrong w your mom. Even if it's mental health issues or whatever it is, something that helps me get through times like that is to REMEMBER IT'S NOT YOU & IT DOESN'T MEAN YOU'RE NOT LOVED. Even though I didn't believe that, I kept telling myself it was true. 💗 I always remind myself that everyone's going through something & it took practice but by shifting the way I thought about things, you wouldn't believe the difference it's made in the way I feel & take things (like I don't take things personally anymore).

Before, everything was a reminder that no one's ever loved me & it wasn't a conscious thing in fact I avoided thinking about it but all these feelings 💔 were always at the surface & I carried around the weight of a lifetime of sadness until I strtd shifting the hurt away from myself & started constantly reminding myself it's them not me basically & probably feeling too sorry for others even if they didn't deserve it but that imo is better than hurting all the time.

Idk if that makes sense but I have to try to help bc I hate knowing that someone's hurting because I've been there.

Again, it didn't happen overnight but I promise you it did happen & I hope it can happen for you too. I don't want you to want to die. 😢 ..................

I don't even try to do things anymore well yes I do, I always try but I don't plan things bc 9 times out of 10 it leads to disappointment for me; if I'm feeling good, I go for it. And feel great about it but if not, at least I don't feel disappointed, guilty, mad, sad, all the feelings... for not being able to do what I planned.

So maybe have a few ideas of things you'd like to do nxt yr but if you don't do anything that's ok too. And maybe if you do plan something like instead of going to a show when that fell through, you could have just had a picnic or something and sat on the phone with her & painted your nails or something lol sorry if that sounds dumb I know it's hard w restrictions etc just trying to cheer you up and maybe my dumb examples will make you think of something that'll make you feel better.

Take care of yourself and love yourself. You can be happy, trust me I'm someone who's gone months at a time without speaking or smiling bc of the deep sadness I felt.

I hope that if I could get through it, we all can.

Sending love your way for your birthday and everyday. 🌠💕

Happy birthday 🎁 sleep well when you go

Happy birthday ! This is a wonderful day! Today you will be joyous and there’s no reason to be depressed! Please find something that you love to do and that’s good and do it (: don’t let this day slide by! Also seek Jesus he desires your heart and for you to seek him! He loves you and he will come through for you if you seek him with all your heart and soul!! Be blessed !

Happy Birthday! I really hope you feel better. I’m so sorry your not feeling good. I feel the same way. I hope your day got better! 😁🎂🎈🎉

Andrea2d in reply to Hope01-

I feel the same.

Hope01- in reply to Andrea2d

I’m so sorry 😔

You are important, love. You deserve to celebrate your life. You've survived 100% of your days and you made it, you're here. Happy belated birthday! We are so glad you're here.

Happy Birthday!! 🥳

Happy birthday?!!'re awesome!

Happy birthday ❤️

I know exactly how you feel, it’s my birthday today too, and I’m feeling the same way. Things will get better, God has a purpose and his purpose is for us to prosper and not to harm, for us to have a good future, Jeremiah 29:11. Make the best out of what you have and enjoy this special day!!

No such thing I did not expect to make 59 but the Lord has kept me here. I am joyful for everyday that he gives me to remain here and take the time to realize just how blessed I am.

I'm sorry you're having a low birthday. I believe you are a precious person and have made a difference in the world. I care about you! I hope something special will happen for you. My birthday is coming in four days. I'll be 62. I'm not extremely excited about it but I'm grateful to be here. I wish you joy and gratitude and good news.

Happy birthday :)

Happy Birthday....I don't like to go a lot of places but when do I normally have a great time. I'm always glad I decided to hang out.

Kinda agree with the idea of lowering expectations. In a way. See, my mom wouldn’t plan anything for my birthdays, it would always be last minute. With time that kind of made me start “planning it” on my own, and now I have the mentality that it’s MY BIRTHDAY and I make it however I want it to be haha So even if I can’t go anywhere and I can’t gather with anyone this year I’m still buying myself some large balloons with my age number to put out in my front yard. Early 30s 🥳🥳🥳 lol 😂😂😂 Happy birthday!!

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