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Anxiety and toxic relationships

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I have noticed that those who seem to suffer from Anxiety and Depression seem to have toxic relationships.

I am beginning to see why I was brutally rejected by a male acquaintance I had met in Lourdes whilst I was on a Pilgrimage

He said that I suffer from depression but still asked to be a friend

But it would seem when I had tried to talk to him about my own personal worries he told me to go and find a husband

I now realise how hurtful this was as I had just lost my Father

But I think I saw this person when I was in Mauritius as many of his parishioners are from Mauritius as they are all UK residents

But I think if we are not at peace with ourselves we will meet the wrong people

I also think we need to heal ourselves first of past hurts and pain before we can meet someone who can treat us properly

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They do say you've got to love yourself before others can love you.

This is something I knew but for some strange reason I really understand the meaning of this now

That's good. We all have lessons to learn.

I agree. I have been with toxic relationships in one area of my life for far too long and distancing myself from it has helped me to realize I have to move away from that situation and fill my life with kind, realistic, honest, ethical, and genuinely good people. I have to believe seek and you shall find. I hope your heart can heal and find people who are healthy to have around you. Seems like the world may become kinder with all that is happening now. We can hope.

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Roukaya in reply to Begonia50

Thank you for reply

I am beginning to realise if mentally we are not in the right place we can go to meet people who reflect our mental struggles

By being kinder and more respectful to ourselves we may go on to find better and kinder people

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Begonia50 in reply to Roukaya

So true! Thank you.

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