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Hello, I’m new to this app but I’m excited to be here!


Hello all who are reading this,

I just downloaded this app because corona virus has caused me to be discharged from a partial hospitalization program and all the support groups I go to are no longer going on. I’m concerned isolation will cause my mental health to decline so the ADAA website help me find this app. Hope to meet some beautiful people here who understand how difficult dealing with depression and anxiety everyday is.

Anyways, I hope you reading this have a fantastic rest of your day/night and here’s a picture of my recent coloring pages (one of my many coping skills). I plan on putting up another picture once I finish (so I actually finish it because I put it out there).

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Hi there and welcome :) I am also new to this site/app. If you would like someone to chat with, my inbox is always open. These are uncertain and confusing times but you are not alone. Best of luck xx

Thank you ☺️ best of luck to you too

Welcome, this is hitting us all, your not alone. It's a great site.


Gosh I been coloring for years.Sometimes I color all day when I have a lot of anxiety, depression I just want to sleep. But coloring I love the beautiful pictures I make, Sometimes I sent then to Walgreens and they make an 8 by 10 of them, I put them on my wall. Welcome to the coloring club❤️

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Wow that’s a great idea! I’ll have to find a picture I really like and that would definitely add some color to my decor


Welcome! I think you'll find this site really friendly and useful too.


Hi Kimmunicator,

Welcome! I think you'll like it here!

There is usually always someone here to listen.

Coloring is a great way to cope! I LOVE the coloring that you shared!

We all need to comfort each other ESPECIALLY at these uncertain times.

Virtual Hugs,


Glad you found us, it is a lovely group, people listen and care, most of us are in depression or anxiety or both!!! I am a long time sufferer of Clinical depression and severe anxiety, been thru hell several times in my life!!! Right now I have my old self back. Found a med that works for me and a wonderful therapist. You do a great job on your coloring books. I have several, In this last 3 year battle I lost interest in them, they are sitting there waiting for me. I am not letting the coronavirus get to me. I am 77, a widow, no children, my friend up the street died last Aug, so I am alone. It does not bother me, I do not get lonely or board, there is so much to see and do. I play nice soft music in the background, I watch DVD's and have a pile of books to read, I can work in my garden on nice days, I like to cook, so I make some interesting meals. I spend quite a bit of time on my computer, so as far as I am concerned I have got it made. I am stocked up with food, cat food & supplies, I can stay here for a month. So write to us, let us give you love and support, that is why we are here, to help each other and receive help. I send you energy,courage, love and virtual hugs.....Sprinkle 1.....

Thank you for your comment and I love to hear how well you are doing. You gave me some good ideas on things I can do during this time. Thank you 😊

Hey! Welcome. It’s a great community to be apart of. There’s lots of support on here. Now that social distancing is a thing. Awesome picture! Keep doing what you’re doing. 🙂

Thank you I appreciate it ☺️


Hi again , if you ever want to talk , I’m here❤️

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