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Any tips

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Hello I am new here just wondering if anyone has tips on calming down. I am having racing thoughts and feeling anxiety throughout my body.

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Check out distress tolerance, it suggests different activities for thoughts or feelings that people find overwhelming.

Here’s a good book that has additional information

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Mgjseven7 in reply to BlueSky125

Thank you

I will try it

Hello I have not tried meditation but I would like to try. Any suggestions

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BlueSky125 in reply to Mgjseven7

In my experience meditation can be very difficult with strong anxiety or racing thoughts, depression etc. I would start with some simple breathing exercises. Proper breathing is the foundation of meditation, so it’s a good starting point.

If you want to check out meditation , headspace has a free two week trial.

I don't know if it would work for you but, for me I love thunderstorms so listening to thunderstorm soundtracks and just closing my eyes and focusing on the sounds of the rain and thunder help me when I feel panicky sometimes.

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Mgjseven7 in reply to HeyHarlie

I love thunderstorms and nature

I will give it a try Thank You!

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HeyHarlie in reply to Mgjseven7

You're welcome. I hope it works as well for your anxiety moments as it does for mine🤗

Dear Mgjseven7,

I hear you. I can empathize with the racing thoughts and anxiety.

Classical music helps to calm me. So does the unconditional love from my cats. Also a nice warm soak in the bath works wonders.

There’s lots of anxiety calming options out there... such as this site... it’s like a home away from home for me.


MZ ❤️

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Mgjseven7 in reply to MrZee

So glad I joined I feel safe and not alone. I have cats as well and my fur babies bring me joy. Thanks for the tips

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MrZee in reply to Mgjseven7

Always a pleasure. And by the way, I’m about to take a nice warm soak in the tub. Then off to bed and curl up with my kitties.

And one more empathetic suggestion... remember to take a deep breath and savor slowly letting it out. Works wonders. ❤️

GABA or theanine are both very calming stick to a low dose but they shouldn't be taken if you are on medication, same goes for evening primrose oil

Absolutely avoid caffeine.

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