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Anxiety Strikes Again

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Hey guys my Anxiety is back well it’s always around bothering me but now it’s my health anxiety .I know I’m not in the best of shape nor do I eat right.It seems every little pain in my body makes think I’m sick terminally with something it’s causing me to have full blown panic attacks .Any tips will help I want my life back 😢😢😢

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Kinda not really and I’m feeling an attack coming

Well, you hit the spot. if you recognize that you do not workout and do not eat well you know where to start, I was like that for a while and what I did was go to the doctor and do a general physical exam, when the doctor tells you that everything is fine, anchor that idea in your mind, it is important that the doctor knows that you have anxiety so he will know that you are worried about your physical health because of that. After that it would be good to look for some physical activity and start practicing it, once someone recommended me team sports so I could meet people too, but I dont really like be around many people all the time, I have always been that way it is not because of anxiety, It doesn't really bothers me be like that, but I do understand that it can be an opportunity to socialize while doing sports. Food is also important, try to eat as balanced as you can and you will see that between that and the exercise you will notice changes for good. Also, if you can, it is recommended that you do some meditation and breathing exercises. Little by little if you integrate this into your daily routine, I'm sure it will help you.

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Yeh I’m not as active as I once was I’m always just playing ps4 I’m a loner also but I do want to change my diet and start working out to some degree

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you can do it, one day at a time, one step forward at a time, always forward. It is not that you stop playing ps4 or something like that, its that you integrate working out into your daily routine, justo 30 or 40 min dedicated to you, after that you can do other things with no problem. That will help control those thoughts, I have them too, but since I started to do a little exercise, it has diminished a little, I'm not quite well but I'm not like months ago. I guess that's what it's about in the end, improving.

I also struggle with anxiety and consider myself pretty in shape (always lifted weights but never really ran). Some of the best advice I was given was to try to do some cardio a few times a week. I’m not very good at it by any means but it definitely helps

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