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New job stress. Just got out of prison, can anyone relate?

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Totally stressed out at new job. This is compounded by the fact that I just got out of prison, after 10 years, so life was is different, challenging, fast, overwhelming.

That's what I am feeling, overwhelmed and scared. I am bipolar and have PTSD. So much is changing it in my life so fast. And while it's what I want, I still am terrified.

How does anyone deal with being scared all the time? Other than meds, cause I'm already doing that.

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If you can survive and prison, you can make it out here.

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Thanks friend. I appreciate your insight.

Trust your self, remind you self that you deserve a new start.

You got this! Take one day at a time. It will all come together be strong. I have anxiety depression loneliness hate it all struggling now. Take care read a good book and say a prayer everyday😀

In many ways anxiety and depression disorder is a prison, you can do this. the key to handling the fear is to accept it, understand it, keep moving forward, and never look back at it. prayers to you.

As far as feeling overwhelmed goes, you can only do one thing at a time, so just think of the one thing you are doing and stop worrying about everything at once. Easier said than done, but it can eventually become a good habit for you. Good luck.

Big life changes for you right now. Getting reintroduced to society after ten years must be scary.

This is your new beginning. Give yourself time to adjust. Give yourself positive feedback every day, because everyday you are challenging yourself.

Get exercise, try some meditation, treat yourself to something at the end of a hard work week.

You can do this!

Congratulations!! It is a new start n everyday will be a WOW day. Embrace it n go with it. Take all the advice from everyone here. They are the best. All will work out out.

Hi honey. Anxiety and depression at the workplace can really SUCK. Talk to your supervisor or the HR department about the requirements for FMLA which will protect any time that you have to miss from work due to your bipolar,ptsd, anxiety, etc. You’ll probably have to be at the company for 6months to a year before you qualify BUT just want you to know there are things to look forward to. Try pinpointing triggers and eliminating them if possible. For example, I have severe body image issues and I used to keep a mirror on my desk that I thought was soothing my anxieties but in reality it was just a trigger and the cause of most of my anxiety attacks at work. I took the mirror down and now can focus a little better and am finding relief from the anxiety attacks. I would suggest cognitive therapy as it helps with techniques to deescalate your day to day anxiety and depression and lastly let your job know what’s going on. I used to hate having to disclose my personal problems at work to higher ups simply because I felt like they didn’t actually care or they’d tell me there’s nothing they can do about it, you might be surprised. If you let someone know what’s going on they may be able to help accommodate or advocate for you in the work place. I hope everything starts to feel better, take it day by day!

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Breathing exercises sound and look dumb but work wonders!!

Hello...I recently ordered some books on Budiusium to learn hopefully at how to be at peace in the moment. I wish I had a magic solution that I could give you to no longer be scared. I'm practicing taking things day by day and remembering that I'm there for a pay check to support my family.

It's very difficult when you walk on egg shells. Believe in yourself, identify what you are scared of and try to work through it. Funny I'm giving advice because I feel very lost too. Hopefully we can through it together.

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