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Work stress


Hi everyone. Feeling so stressed from work. Today i felt angry and stressed out because I had a lot of work to do and people that I share an office with were being very loud.

And then when I asked a question I was shot down and then I was interrupted by that same person when they asked me a q and I said can you send me an email, I’m RIGHT in the middle of something. Haha.

How do I confront them on their volume in our shared workplace. I feel like people come in there all the time to ask my coworkers questions and it throws off my concentration when they do. In a slower time it’s fine but during the busy season it’s too many interruptions while I have a full plate of work.

I’m also wondering why I’m starting to feel so angry when stressed ... possible medication side effect? I’m on lexapro.

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You can talk again with your Doctor, it may be you need an increase in medication, however ask yourself if you are in the correct occupation.

The main problem however you have is getting a new job, it is always easier to to get new employment if you are in employment. Make a list of your likes and dislikes associated with your job and work it out from there.

If you feel so on edge try try breathing techniques , or Mindfulness, you may also find a course of CBT may help you come to terms with with your work and company who employs you. Remember you are contracted to do a job, that is all the company is interested in. Life is hard, most of the population is not happy regards the routine of work.


I've always had issues with people being loud which effects my focus.

I just say " noise check" gets my point across lol. Of course doesn't work every time haha.

Coralrose5 in reply to Dolphin14

I’m glad someone understands!!

Dolphin14 in reply to Coralrose5

Oh yes, I completely understand.

Ear plugs?

Ear phones? Light music or noise canceling sounds. Just at a volume you can hear your surroundings but at a lesser degree on those busy days your easily distracted.? If you get distracted you recenter your focus to the sounds your listening to.

If you are constantly taking phone calls though I would think there would an acceptable noise level and definelty something you say to your co workers to take it down a notch.

As far as communicating at their volume, communicate in any manner that works for you.


I hope you are getting some quality sleep, and I recommend listening to nice old classical music such as Chopin and Mozart! For concentration (and also irritation from your work stress), you need more exercises like football and taking Omega 3 fish oil even though I know it all is just because of such huge noise. Good luck, mate!

Coralrose5 in reply to Hidden

Thanks. I do all of these, I usually listen to classical music and use my noise canceling headphones but I had forgotten them yesterday and were pretty stressed because of a looming deadline so I think it was just a cumulation of all those things. I do need to exercise more that’s for sure.

Hidden in reply to Coralrose5

Sounds cool mate! Hmm.. do you write daily journal?

Coralrose5 in reply to Hidden

Don’t write daily but when I posted this I was about to journal and instead I posted here and I felt a little bit of relief so I figure why write it down twice but yes I usually do journal when I need to get things off my chest

Hidden in reply to Coralrose5

If situation gets real hard, you can visit counselor or doctor to share and have a treatment.

I took a mental health day today. Of course I just said I wasn’t feeling well, which is true, I’m exhausted, have a slight headache and nausea.

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