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I had gone through school back In the 80's on criminal justice then became a cop following fbi then to the secret service. I just recently got a letter that I can retire but also received a letter that I'm being offered to work up with the special intelligence . All my anxiety and things I'm feeling are putting me down I might just retire and let loose.

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Ah sorry you’ve left the forum..

Why not retire if you can and have a few adventures 👍💕

Why do people do that?

Maybe got spooked 👀

That fast? So strange. 👻

Are you being funny, as usual, Silly?

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Maybe some , due to anxiety ,have second thoughts, once they actually receive a reply..some may feel afraid they may not be so anonymous or something..I guess anxiety can cause lots of uncertainty and indecisiveness 😔 I know it can in me sometimes after the affect x

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It's just a shame to not stay around for the support that can be given here.

Maybe they will come back

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Yes I’m sure some do return 😊 x

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hypercat54 in reply to Dolphin14

It might just be fantasy and wishful thinking. 🍿? x

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Ha ha x

Awe, hate he didn’t stick around, This person sounds like someone whose lead a very interesting life.

FBI, secret service and special intelligence... Maybe he got spooked caused he felt his government identity might be found out. 😉

I'm confused. Isn't the poster merely expressing anxiety about whether to retire or take a new job? Does Hidden mean they've left or just want to remain anonymous?

I get confused. That's why I asked. I've seen it happen before.

But why wouldn't you just delete it?

Means they unfollowed our amazing community....pity could’ve done with a spy maybe he could of got some inside info on pepa for us we could use as leverage to get music back in full swing...don’t think he liked being interrogated by Lilly puppy lady

You got that right Silly. I give Old Lady answers. Geeze Louise.


That's so true, those credentials are impressive. It sounds like an amazing career.

Being on board here he may have been able to help us with this 🎼🎼


Lilly puppy is trouble lol

I liked her no nonsense approach 😂...she deleted her

God forbid I should offend someone 😱

If you can’t stand the heat you shouldn’t work in the intelegence service....we have ways of making you talk ....😊

You have relatives in Germany?

News flash....🎶 mr monk has had an email of h.u music getting sorted

I think Mr Monk can crack the case.

Well I got excited just had an update be continued but if anyone can mr monk can ..

My $$ is on Mr Monk. Maybe he could write a poem to Pepa. She might like that.

Pepa is lying low he is interviewing hema ....enquires are nearly complete it will be passed on to our in house lawyer hope with smiles and she dosent take any bullocks when music is concerned 🎶

Such good news! I have a sense of a giant weight lifted off my shoulders.


From reading all the other responses here that Hidden has left, Im not sure why Im posting plus I dont want to sound judgemental.... I doubt Hidden is who she says she is professionally. I read her other comment on her profile and Hidden sounds very indecisive about normal life things for someone who is at retirement age. To become a successful employee in the secret service world, one cannot be that torn.

Damn there was so much I wanted to ask him. Would've made a great friend out of him. Such is my loss. Hope he does retire. Maybe go into private practice. Lot's more leeway to practice his profession, not having a bodycam and all.

Retire .. you have done your work , and fought your battles ! .. time to rest now and enjoy life .. enjoy the simplicities ..

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