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Need some support


I really need any of my friends or my family to support me or actually ask about my feelings because the only true and caring best friend that I had died from 5 years ago but I still miss her so much.

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I understand what you are saying. Since I have been sick with leukemia I have really been thinking a lot about those loved ones who are gone, it would be so wonderful to have even one of them still here. But then I also don't want to whine to my best friend who calls me about once a month if I am lucky, she has a busy life. It just helps so much to have a friend or loved one acknowledge the suffering that you are living through.

I’m here for you.

What is troubling you right now? Why you’re not feeling happy?

I'm failing

in everything

Why? You don’t feel like doing anything?

not really

Look, don’t give up. Bad times won’t last forever, you have a whole life full of happiness and friendships ahead of you. You can get though anything, I know you’re strong. You are loved and here we care about you, I care about you.

it's just....painful

I know it is... it’s awful but there is hope and you decide when you want to shine again, like I said you have people that cares and loves you. Rely on them, trust them. And if you don’t trust them we are here for you 🧡

Hi Betty,

I understand what you are going through. Emotions can get the best of us even on the best of days. Grief is such a process and we all go through it at our own pace. Have you discussed your feelings and need for more "check ins" with your family? Perhaps finding a local grief support group that you may join where you are able to attend regular meetings to discuss your grief and your friend. These groups are people who have been there personally themselves and understand exactly what you are going through. Sometimes family can mean really well by trying to help us by not bringing up painful memories thinking that they are helping you to move on. I've always found it best to tell others what I need from them and if they are not able to meet me where I'm at I look elsewhere knowing that I still have those needs, but they may or may not be able to be met by my family. I have a good friend that I share things with that I'm not able to share in the same way with my family because we just don't have a great relationship. I know mine and their limitations and adjust accordingly. I pray you'll find relief and a friend to come alongside you to help you recover. It is a journey.

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