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Trauma or Chemical Imbalance

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Hey guys,

I’ve been battling depression , Anxiety since I was 22 years old and now I’m 36. My Mom dealt with several mental issues herself as well. I been on meds at a very early age in my lifetime around 20 years old . Until this day Im always struggling , where I want to end my life at times

The biggest question I have , is this a chemical imbalance I have in my brain or just the childhood life I had when I was a little kid which was very tough .

Maybe somebody can provide an answer for me and how I could get better .

Thanks so much !

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I’m around your age and relate to your struggles. My Dad’s side had some issues. But, I’m learning even if it is genetics or a chemical imbalance, I am and CAN overcome this. I try everyday to fight. I realize as I’m getting older that my stuff from the past is just the past. And I deserve to move on and live a happy life. It’s not fair to dwell and try and figure out why. It’s a disease and I have it; but like most diseases, it can be managed. I’m on medication and probably always will be. And that’s ok! Happy Holidays to you and all the best!!

So true man , the past is the past and I always live my life in the past and the future. But thanks man 🙏

Hi this is the old nature versus debate and there isn't a professional consensus on it as far as I know.

My own view and what makes sense to me is that we can be born with a genetic link to mental health issues, but it is your upbringing which determines if and how much it becomes a major problem in our lives. x

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Thanks man . Tough to say

Hi I have also read a lot about this issue genes vs triggers by life events. Unfortunately there’s no answer - it can be either or both or even neither... I have the same problem but I decided that unlike my other family members I’ll seek professional help. I think that the only certain thing is that depression is treatable. I haven’t made progress myself but I think this will come and I hope quickly for you too :)

Thanks man keep fighting and thanks for your warm thoughts

Thanks guys, i ask myself every day what if I didn’t go on those meds when I was 20 years old , maybe Just spoke with a professional and talked it out. Now I feel I can’t live without these meds and my life depends on it.


So, it could be a chemical imbalance for sure, but it could also be trauma or both. Trauma can most certainly alter the chemicals in our brains, and some people are born with a chemical imbalance. I know for me that my childhood plays a major role in my mental health struggles, contrary to what my family would tell you if you were to ever cross paths with them. But for the record, I had a very devastating childhood, and it only made matters worse not having a support system at home. As an adult, there was trauma as well. I sometimes think that I was made to suffer, and that God created me solely to remember to laugh, which probably isn’t the case.

As for wanting to end your life, I hope and pray that you do not. And I must say that when I read that confession of yours it made me sad because I know exactly how you feel. It’s tough, isn’t it? And to see people every day living their lives and thriving can make you feel even worse about yourself can’t it? But I truly believe that no one should go out that way. Not because of my religious beliefs, but because of my human beliefs. Our lives, no matter how difficult the crosses some of us are burdened to carry, are gifts. Gifts that we should cherish.

The medications that you are taking should help balance out the chemicals in your brain and if they’re not you need to talk with your doctor about it. He/she can change things up and put you on something that works better for you.

I really hope this helps. And hang in there, please.

I always say God made me and ostriches to remind him to laugh. My son tells me God has a huge remote with a ‘mute’ button for when I get to Heaven so it’s no use going. We are loved. We are all worthy.

God plays a big role in our lives I believe

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Thanks bro I really appreciate the thoughts and concerns. I guess it’s just something we will have to deal with for the rest of our lives .

Merry Christmas, all the best !

Hi! Physical trauma is high on the list for living with the desire to stop things. Clinical Depression is not ‘sad’. CD is empty and unmotivated. All my life I’ve felt the call. It even has a name. L’appel du vide. Call of the void.

I had a great therapist as a teen who taught me that as A baby I became used to parts of my body. I also became used to this sensation. It’s not abnormal or wrong. It’s just there; like my nose or my toes.

It’s how I learned to live to age 56 and enjoy the heck out of life despite the call.

There are other ways than battling. There are acknowledging and setting it aside.

Sending you peace style💛

What other ways would you recommend?? Great to hear your feedback but I totally understand the part being unmotivated and such. I could lay in my bed all day and do nothing

Any good books you guys would recommend??

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Depends... If you want a good classic I would suggest To Kill A Mockingbird. If you want action The Hunger Games.

Here’s what I do during these phases. I put a foot on the floor. It may take hours but then I put two feet out. I’ll eventually sit up. I then push my butt close to the edge. Other assorted things happen with blankets and pillows but I’m moving closer to getting up.

It’s important to remember this is a mind over body thing. So I’m talking to myself the entire time. I did ‘this’ so I might as well do ‘the next step’. It can take all day and I have to bring myself back to focus often.

I tell people and my dog I’m doing mind over body today. I feel like a conquerer when I achieve what I want. Im proud of me.

I make sure I have something in the fridge I want to award myself with. Ben & Jerry are my two favorite men.

I eat chocolate and oranges. Good brain awards. I eat peppermint. Senses are heightened for waking the brain. I pet my dog to release good hormones.

Along the way pay attention to what helps you. Do it again. Make it your system you can stick to.

There is no past or future. There is only now. When you slip into other realms do deep breathing until you are right here, right now.

I have the same question but am pretty sure I’ll never get an answer. I had a great childhood— everything i wanted or needed, was popular in school, etc — but something wasn’t quite right in my head. My doctors today say I have a chemical imbalance, and I have no reason to disbelieve them. The BIGGEST question is how do I/we live with it? If you don’t already have a therapist that’d be my first suggestion.

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