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Student Research Project - Online Mental Health Communities

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ADAA works with PsyberGuide and the University of California on a number of initiatives around technology and apps and metal health. A PhD student the University of California: Irvine is conducting research examining the roles that online mental-health communities play in users' lives. The goal of this research is to produce actionable insights towards improving online mental health communities and the well being of their members.

To conduct this research, his team are asking online mental health community members to take a survey about their thoughts and experiences. The survey will take about 10-20 minutes to complete, and everyone who takes the survey will be entered in a raffle for a $100 gift card (with a 1/100 chance of winning). The survey does not ask for any information that would reveal your identity. PsyberGuide and ADAA very much appreciate your attention and collaboration. You can take the survey here:

Thank you!

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Re the UCAL survey (which is presently suffering a technical glitch).

Hello, My name is Dennis Driscoll and I have some training as a counsellor, an interest not as a professional. I developed this interest because I have become a 'skilled helper (to use Egan's label) in touch with students form less developed countries who are studying in China or in western countries. They can have huge cross cultural issues as well as all the problems of young people who are living in student communities but feeling very much alone. The number is small and statistically not significant but I have found that individuals are willing to talk and share their anxieties with a 'grandfather figure' (I am 74) over a video chat link. I find there are huge potential benefits of communication between people of different generations and different cultures. Intial contact is either a legacy from my working days (35 + years spent in less developed countries) OR from an initial contact from them to me because I offer English language practice on line. Forgetting the English lessons for the moment, the cross generational / cross cultural talks with a friendly stranger (mostly my listening with UPR) has proved to be very stablising and beneficial for lonely young adults with anxiety disorders / depression and presentations such as repeated self harm. Is my experience similar to any work being done by the California group? My email is


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